WE are all human

For the last year and a half I have had the privilege to bring a regular drumming program to adults with a disability at the Village Square Leisure Center. Many of these participants look forward to the drumming program all week and cannot wait for the sessions to start again. When they are in the drum circle they are all seen and heard as equal contributing members of a community. They all have a voice with the drum that they may not otherwise have. They get to be able to be a part of something that focuses on their abilities! It is a very rare occurrence for some of them.

On October 19th the sessions for fall/winter started. We were all excited to be back in the same room, some have been coming for over a year without fail, and there were some new faces. I gave two people an opportunity to share a little story. One participant was excited to share that he got to vote! We were all very happy for him. Another participant shared something else. Her mother had passed away since we were all last together. Many in the group started to cry when she shared this… so we dedicated a round of drumming to her mother and to all those that we love.

The drum circle is a place where people can feel safe, accepted, included, and know that our voice is heard through the drums. When we meet in a community drum circle we are a living example of how powerful community is.  The drums help us to connect to one another and make us all feel like equal human beings!

Article written by
Jamie Gore