Circles of Rhythm is a local Alberta business passionate about life, our city, it’s people, building community  and helping us all be healthy, happy and whole.   We offer hands-on drum circle workshops for therapeutic use, community building, team building, and to enhance social and recreational events.  Our Programs

We also offer a “Therapeutic Community Drum Circle Training Program” to help you develop the skills and attitudes required to offer health and wellness through drumming to your community and workplace.  Training Program


Judy Atkinson, Founder and President has won the following awards:

Woman of Vision, Global TV & Calgary Herald
A prestigious award offered to women who have succeeded in their business and are  inspiring others to do the same.

Inspired Calgarian, CTV:
This is a title and award given to individuals in Calgary who inspire others to shine and succeed in their chosen work, and who are making a real difference in Calgary.


Our values are simple;

We know that these are troubling times, and that effective creative ideas are needed to help us all to be healthy, happy and whole.  We have discovered that the therapeutic and community building benefits of drum circles are a powerful catalyst for lasting change.  When people come together to drum, guided by a professionally trained facilitator  smiles return to peoples faces, depression lightens and hope returns.

We believe in the inherent goodness of all people.  Our programs are for everyone, all ages, cultural backgrounds, faith traditions, mental and physical health conditions and economic situations.  The drum does not discriminate, it loves and believes in us all equally.

We all have the ability to make a difference in our own, and each others lives.   In caring and doing our best, we make this city, province and country a better place to live, a safe and empowering place to raise our children, and an abundant place from which we can share with others less fortunate.