Business would operate more effectively if it followed the
“Protocol of the Drum Circle”

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Listen, Engage, Respect, Trust, Empower, Enjoy!

Circles of Rhythm programs are a breath of fresh air in a stale, stressed out workplace. Our unique approach to  professional development will surprise and energize  your workforce.

  • Team Building
  • Ice Breakers
  • Social Events
  • Wellness/Stress Relief

“I was very skeptical but am now converted; it went way beyond my expectations!”

Drum Circles are one of the most uplifting synergy producing inspiring Team Building tools available today.  They are taking the Professional Development world by storm as a NEW and UNIQUE way to boost morale, engage purpose and shift culture in the workplace.

  • Something Different
  • Boosts Morale
  • Builds Trust and Colaboration
  • Breaks down Heirarchy

“This was just absolutely fantastic!” Team Lead, Suncor Energy

An example of a Wellness Team Building Event with Inn From the Cold