Rhythm Cradle Healing Workshop

The Rhythm Cradle – Experience Unconditional Support, Love, Acceptance

Stress Relieving
Group Healing

The Rhythm Cradle is guided group healing protocol which incorporates gentle drumming using culturally sensitive indigenous buffalo frame drums, melodic sounds such as the native flute & hand pan, vibrational tones of the didgeridoo & crystal bowls, gentle percussion, guided meditations & visualization, along with (when deemed appropriate) hands-on healing support.

This experience is a core element of the ICDC methodology, gifted to us by the founder of Circles of Rhythm & author of “the Drum Code – Living well between the beats”, Judy Atkinson.   This process is carefully crafted and is supported by a trained ICDC Facilitator to ensure a safe space for emotional healing, sound-based journeys, vibrational alignments of the chakras, and a connection to the divine healing energy that lives within all human beings.

It is an intentional process that balances the process of giving (active drumming) and receiving (mindfully opening, inviting introspection). With careful guidance, individuals are given the option to be curious when exercising self-agency and conscious choice throughout the experience.

Participants share feeling grounded, connected, and open-hearted following these workshops, leveraging the active meditation components that teach us to embrace the present moments of life. This process offers the opportunity to embrace and to honour the intuitive healer within us all. You are the medicine.

Drum and Get Drummed!

No Experience Required

Drums Provided

“I literally had a birthing experience in the Rhythm Cradle.
It was like I was in the womb once again and this time had
a gentle loving transition into the world.”

“This was like no other healing experience I have had, and we did it together.
It’s true, we all have healing hands!”

You do not need any previous drumming experience to be a full participant in this event. Everyone will be empowered to participate as much or little as they want to. Being present in the room is full participation.

Time:  6:30-9:00pm arrive at 6:15 to be welcomed and settle in to the space
Dates: Sunday Evenings:

FALL 2023 DATES to be Announced – 

Email Us at info@circlesofrhythm.com if you’d like to be notified of future events or to book a private workshop.
Fee:  $45.00, simply pay at the door cash debit or credit

Location:  Scarboro Community Hall 1727 14th Ave S.W. *THIS LOCATION MAY CHANGE STAY TUNED!!
Register: no need to register in advance

*This is a very powerful experience physically and emotionally. If you have a pacemaker, very sensitive hearing, or severe PTSD, please be cautious – however, you are very welcome to join us!