Friday Night Drum Circles

Come and experience the power of Community – Every Single Week!

EVERY FRIDAY is different! Each individual who attends brings their own contribution. Guided by our professionally ICDC-trained Faciliators, along with special guests, every Friday is its own unique event. Your rhythmic “voice” matters in the Integrated Community Drum Circle (ICDC). Our Friday nights are one of the best ways to “find your voice” – Loud or soft. Fast or Steady. Complex or Simple. The pursuit of balance is the key! In the moment, you can choose between: Actively playing/creating/dancing… or… Simply sitting, feeling, and noticing: Mindfully. This is a space that is free from judgement – offering the choice to step outside of your comfort zone. We incorporate moments of active meditation, concious breathing, and gentle movements. Drumming is an evolutionary tool that has been at the center of the human experience – WHY? Because of our Heart Beat. Drumming feels like coming home to ourselves. 

.You get to Choose Your OWN Adventure.


Friday Night Drum Circles (Indoor location, Spring, Fall, Winter – Outdoor Location July-Sept)

DATES: Every Friday Night – Starting January 5 – June 28, 2024
TIME:  7:00 –  9:00pm
LOCATION:  Inglewood Community Hall, 1740 24 ave SE

$20 General Admission
$15 for Seniors & BYO-Drum
$10 for Youth (Ages 6 and under are Free)

!! OUR TICKET SYSTEM IS BEING UPDATED !! Tickets can be purchased at the door

– No experience necessary.
– Drums are provided.

Try it to Believe it!


Friday Drumming in the Park (outdoor location, Summers)

You can purchase a ticket at the door. Drop ins are welcome!

DRUMMING IN THE PARK – Starting July 4, 2024 –

7:00 – 8:30pm @ the North Glenmore Park – Weaselhead

Outdoor drumming @ the North Glenmore Park – Weaselhead will occur every Friday (weather depending) for the months of July, August, and September 2024. Check our Social Media if you’re curious about a CANCELLED drum circle due to poor weather conditions. If the sun is shining, we’ll be there.

Address: 6615 37 Street SW, Calgary, AB

Drumming in the Park – Adult Ticket – $15.00 Each

Drumming in the Park – Senior 60+ Ticket – $10.00 Each

Drumming in the Park – Bring Your Own Drum Ticket – $10.00 Each

Drumming in the Park – Youth – Ages 7 – 17 Ticket – $5.00 Each

Ticket price includes Service Fee($1.50) & GST

We will return to indoor drumming starting October 3, 2024 for the remainder of the year.


Every Friday Night Circles of Rhythm offers the Integrated Community Drum Circle where over 100 participants come to drum! Come be part of the intense human energy where sound and heart connect as ONE! At least 1/3 are NEW each week, so come play with us!

We look forward to see you soon! 


Your Doctor called and he prescribes MORE DRUMMING!

A Prescription for JOY!

 10 circle cards are now available!

$175 – General Admission 

$120 – Seniors Pass

$120 – Bring Your Own Drum (BYOD) 

                  Purchase your 10 Circle Pass Cards HERE


Ten reasons to come to a Community Drum Circle:

  1. Brings you JOY!
  2. Promotes deep sense of relaxation
  3. Helps to manage chronic pain
  4. Helps boost your immune system!
  5. Creates a sense of connectedness
  6. Improves emotional regulation skills
  7. Helps to releases stress
  8. Enhances you ability to be in the present moment
  9. Aligns your body, mind, and spirit with nature’s organic rhythms
  10. Promotes a sense of Spirituality …… And more more just for fun…
  11. Becomes the vehicle for personal transformation & growth!

Community Drum Circles are the best thing to do on a Friday night!  Kick off the weekend in a safe, welcoming and playful environment! 

Physical Health Benefits
Mental Health Benefits
Good Clean FUN!

Drum Circles are becoming the NEW YOGA!

At Circles of Rhythm we are committed to providing this weekly event to give people from all walks of life the opportunity to attend a circle on a regular basis. Just like good nutrition, sunshine and regular exercise, it is apparent that drumming is best when taken in regular doses!  Come get your weekly or monthly dose of Vitamin “D”  DRUM!

I don’t know what I would do without these drum circles;
they keep me balanced and sane in this crazy world!

“I feel safe, welcomed and happy here, thank you for this warm and supportive place to come every week.”

Read a blog post from the Founder of Circles of Rhythm, Judy Atkinson, regarding the impact attending an Integrated Community Drum Circle has on the body, mind, and spirit.


Watch this video that highlights the origines of Circles of Rhythm and its KEY members of the FNDC – Judy Atkinson, Lilly (Jamie) Gore, Trevor Uruski, Andrea McLean, Cheri Champagne, and Julien Lepage.