Friday Night Drum Circles

Try it to Believe it!

Every Friday Night Circles of Rhythm offers the Integrated Community Drum Circle where over 100 participants come to drum! Come be part of the intense human energy where sound and heart connect as ONE! At least 1/3 are NEW each week, so come play with us!


Following the Restriction Exemption Program, Proof of Vaccination required upon entry. Masks are mandatory upon entry and when unable to maintain the physical distance of 2 meters. Seated Event. All of our chairs and equipment are sanitized before each use. MORE DETAILS HERE

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friday drum circle

Inglewood Community Hall, 1740 24 ave SE


General Admission $20.00
Discounts Available!
Tenth time free with a frequent pass card!

Seniors 60+ – $5 Discount
Youth (ages 7-17) – $10 Discount
Bring your Own Drum – $5 Discount
Kids 6 and under – FREE
We prefer kids be 6+ and if younger fully engaged, mature and supervised!

~No Experience is Required
~We supply drums!
~Everyone Welcome!

*Please note only one discount stated can be used per person, per visit.

Read a blog post from the Founder of Circles of Rhythm, Judy Atkinson, regarding the impact attending an Integrated Community Drum Circle has on the body, mind, and spirit.


Your Doctor called and he prescribes MORE DRUMMING!

A Prescription for JOY!

 10 circle cards are now available!

$175 – General Admission 

$120 – Seniors Pass

$120 – Bring Your Own Drum (BYOD) 

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Ten reasons to come to a Community Drum Circle:

  1. Makes you Happy
  2. Induces Deep Relaxation
  3. Helps Control Chronic Pain
  4. Helps your Immune System
  5. Creates a Sense of Connectedness
  6. Aligns your Body and Mind with the Natural World
  7. Provides a way to Access a Higher Power
  8. Releases Negative Emotions
  9. Puts you in the Present Moment
  10. Allows for Personal Transformation

Community Drum Circles are the best thing to do on a Friday night!  Kick off the weekend in a safe, welcoming and playful environment! 

Physical Health Benefits
Mental Health Benefits
Good Clean FUN!

Drum Circles are becoming the NEW YOGA!

At Circles of Rhythm we are committed to providing this weekly event to give people from all walks of life the opportunity to attend a circle on a regular basis. Just like good nutrition, sunshine and regular exercise, it is apparent that drumming is best when taken in regular doses!  Come get your weekly or monthly dose of Vitamin “D”  DRUM!

I don’t know what I would do without these drum circles;
they keep me balanced and sane in this crazy world!

“I feel safe, welcomed and happy here, thank you for this warm and supportive place to come every week.”

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