Circles of Rhythm Foundation

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of the Circles of Rhythm Foundation, CORF, a registered society headed for non- profit/charitable status based in Calgary Alberta.

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Our Vision:  The CORF was formed to bring the healing power of the integrative drum circle to organizations and individuals across Alberta and Canada.  As chaos and uncertainty, violence and fragmentation increase in the world, so does anxiety and depression.  Helping reduce and dissolve mental and emotional stress is our passion. Therapeutic drum circles as a standard mental and emotional health treatment is our vision.

Our Mission is to facilitate therapeutic drum circles and one-on-one healing practices for individuals and organizations in need of mental or emotional healing. We also provide facilitator training to help empower organizations and individuals to bring this tool to more people in need. Give them a rod not a fish is our motto in this intensive and life changing training program.

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Therapeutic Drum Circles are an effective tool for Mental Health Treatment are and becoming widely accepted in the health care community locally and internationally. We gather in a circle, play drums from around the world together while being facilitated by a professional leader.  Repeatedly participants report that this unique therapeutic approach is making a big difference in people’s recovery from mental, emotional and physical health issues. The joyful, uplifting effect of the drum is  infectious and lifts people out of negativity gracefully and naturally. Our unique integrative approach incorporates activities which activate the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Everyone is included and seen as a significant contributor to the sound healing that we create together.  Self worth is lifted, hearts are nudged open and minds are able to rest.  No experience is required; everyone has rhythm. Our facilitation techniques create an accessible and empowering experience in which everyone leaves feeling successful and significant.

Learn More about the Circles of Rhythm Foundation

Examples of Clients we have Served:

Offering therapeutic drum circles across the province for over 20 years, we have a proven track record for successful healing and recovery.

Women’s Shelters
Boys and Girls Clubs
Youth Addictions Services
Private events for ill friends and family
Kids Camps
Funerals and Memorial Services
Eating Disorder Groups
AA and AL-ANON meetings
Addictions Recovery Centers
Seniors Centers

This is creative financing!  We are a Not-for-Profit Organization registered through the Alberta Societies Act. However, you will be given the satisfaction of knowing that many individuals will benefit from the healing vibrations of our unique therapeutic modality.  Any donation you decide to make will be a gift given freely, enabling us to enhance mental and emotional health to those in need.

Based on Research by Dr. Bruce Perry. Neurosequencial reprogramming is the effect of addressing the whole brain, starting in the lower brain, and then moving up to more complex regions and functions.  Simply put, if we calm the lower brain first, the executive functions are more accessible as a result.  Research is showing us that regular rhythmical activity returns us to the state of consciousness we were in for some 9 months in our mothers womb.  There we were safe, warm, calm and peaceful.  There was no pain or drama, just peace, and the sound and vibration of our mothers heart beating.  Introducing a regular rhythmical activity, such as drumming, to a mental health therapeutic regime has been shown to have a profound effect on the patient, enabling them to be more receptive to other more cognitive forms of therapy after the drumming has been applied.

Disturbances such as anxiety, depression, self mutilation, low self esteem, fear, anger, guilt and shame can all be reduced, and some even dissolved when an individual or group drumming activity is introduced to a therapeutic treatment plan.

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If you wish to make a donation/contribution to this exciting new foundation, please contact Judy Atinkson, President of the Circles of Rhythm Foundation at:  

Thank you for your unconditional generosity!

Making a difference, one beat at a time!