1-Day – Gentle Drum Healing Program

Gentle Drum Healing Program – Facilitator Training

A Collaborative  Experiential Training Program


Integrating Healing with Rhythm and Soundgreen grass

What is Gentle Drum Healing?

Using the ancient healing power of a combination of the Native Frame Drum, Crystal Bowls, Didgeridoo, Flute and Chant to help you bring powerful and ancient healing  practices into your current healing/ therapeutic programs.  No need to learn how to become a drum circle facilitator or play complex rhythms.  Just come with an open heart and a desire to heal, yourself and others.


  • Holding sacred space
  • Exercises to open the heart, relax the body and un-clutter the mind
  • Rituals and Chants
  • Use of accessible instruments
  • Basic rhythms
  • Playing techniques on numerous instruments

Who is this For?

Anyone who wants to incorporate the power of rhythm and sound focusing on the Native Frame Drum into their personal and professional lives.

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Music therapists/Music teachers
  • Teachers/Professors
  • Drum Circle Facilitators/Professional Drummers
  • Addiction and Recovery Counsellors
  • Camp/Youth Counsellors
  • Grief Counsellors
  • Senior/Geriatric Services
  • Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Counsellors
  • Complimentary Health Practitioners
  • Social Workers/Psychologists/Health Care practitioners
  • Crisis Support/Disaster Relief/Emergency services Staff
  • Spiritual Seekers/Chaplin/Church Leaders

Who can benefit:

Adults, Children, Seniors, and Others who are currently/or have experienced:

  • Social/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual/Physical challenges
  • Behavioural/Cognitive/Learning challenges
  • Personality Disorders/Eating Disorders/Self Harm Tendencies
  • At Risk Youth
  • Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety
  • Decreased Cognitive Functioning such as Alzheimers/Dementia
  • Substance-Abuse Disorders/Addictive Tendencies
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries or Strokes
  • Mental Illness/Chronic or Acute
  • Chronic or Acute Panic/Stress Related Disorders
  • Living with Chronic Pain
  • Post Concussion Syndrome
  • PTSD/Complex PTSD



One-Day Gentle Drumming – Healing Program(10 hours of Training)

  • One full day of Gentle Drumming training with practical experience (8hrs)
  • Two personal phone coaching sessions (2 hrs)
  • A printed copy of our comprehensive Gentle Drumming Training Manual
  • Tea/Coffee & Light Snacks available – (you are responsible for your own lunch)
  • A personalized Training Certificate – recognizing your 10 hours of training
  • Guest speakers, Elder, sound bath musicians and sound healers
  • 30% Discount to the special events scheduled following the FNDC and on Saturday night (more details to come).
  • Discounted coaching rates with Judy Atkinson – offering ongoing Life or Professional Coaching, (@ $125/hour)

Why Circles of Rhythm?

We are the only organization who specializes in offering the Integrative Community Drum Circle (ICDC) methodology & certification process in Canada. Circles of Rhythm has the longest community drum circle event that has been consistently offered on Friday Nights in Calgary for 25 years (since September, 1997). This training program is the only one of its kind. It incorporates the DCF teachings from world-renown facilitators such as Babatunde Olatunji’s & Arthur Hull’s Village Music Circle’s, DCFacilitator’s Training Program, Barry Bittman and Christine Stevens’ – HealthRHYTHM Training Program, and the Holyoake DRUMBEAT program that have been synthesized by Judy Atkinson, founder of Circles of Rhythm & author of “The Drum Code, Living Well Between the Beats” to develop this unique, evidence-based wholistic approach to drumming. Circles of Rhythm’s ICDC maximizes the transformational benefits of community drumming by incorporating simple, yet powerful teachings (the Drum Codes), combined with a balanced approach of High Energy Drumming with Gentle Drumming Healing techniques.


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Your Instructors:

You won’t want to miss this one, truly! You will have the benefit of learning from and being supported by two Masters-Level Integrated Community Drum Circle Facilitators!  The grounded wisdom, knowledge, and experience of Judy Atkinson, Founder of Circles of Rhythm and Author the Drum Code, and the passionate visionary, Julien Lepage, are sure to keep you engaged throughout the 3-Day weekend. They will be joined by a number of guest speakers, teachers, indigenous elders, and sound healing facilitators. This dynamic team will leave you with your head spinning (in all the right ways) and your heart on-FIRE! Surely, some of you will be rushing to get into facilitating your first-ever ICDC in hopes of getting your hours in in preparation for your Level-II training!

Julien Lepage, MSW Leadership, RSW,  Masters in Social Worker Leadership, Mental Health Professional, and Masters-level ICDC facilitator – is a full-time psychotherapist at the Newly Institute, the Founder of AHS’s Rhythm Project, and the expedient of the Newly Institute’s Trauma-Sensitive Drumming program****. Lepage leads his life seeking to be of service to others with the intent to inspire others to “find their authentic rhythm”. Julien has been supporting adults who experience life with severe and persistent mental illness and/or addiction since 2009, consistently innovating trauma-informed initiatives inside and outside of the clinical setting. He is the proud owner of Circles of Rhythm, father of 3 incredible souls, and an authentic leader who inspires others in their own transformational process through the conscious evolution of the human spirit.

Patrick Carrick is a professional percussion musician and certified drum circle facilitator with a passion for sharing music & positivity. In 2017 he founded the organization Columbia Valley Drumming, under the mentorship of ‘Circles of Rhythm‘ and has been sending good vibrations up and down the mountains of British Columbia with regular drum circle events, for all occasions. Patrick offers an energetic yet grounding experience and always brings his inspiring energy, in the pursuit of making his participants feel empowered and rejuvenated. 

“Group drumming is not about how to play the drum… It’s about how you feel when you drum”

Judy Atkinson, MEd, Master ICDC Facilitator, Founder Circles of Rhythm & Author of the Drum Code. Judy, otherwise knows as the “Messenger of JOY”, was named the “Woman of Vision” by Global TV and the Calgary Herald and the recipient of the “Inspiring Calgarian Award” on CTV. Over the years, Atkinson has been recognized for her work using the ICDC to inspire others in expressing their unique gifts and passion within their chosen work.  Now retired, Judy Atkinson is enjoying a peaceful life of quiet service, reaping the rewards of many years of hard and Joyful work while also sitting on the Board of Directors as the President of the Circles of Rhythm Foundation“Shifting from Role to Soul is my new work at this stage of life. Gratitude and compassion are the focus, peace of mind is the result.” Judy Atkinson.


Upcoming Training Details

1-Day Program – Sunday

  • FALL: November 3, 2024
  • SPRING: TBD, 2025

SUNDAY: Gentle Drumming – Healing Program

LOCATION: Bowcliff Seniors Lawn Bowling Club – Sunday

1-Day Gentle Drumming Program Registration begins Sunday @ 8:40 am


  • SPRING: April 29, 2023
  • FALL: November 11, 2023

*This is a gifted event for you +1 (Value of $50/ticket) It will also be offered to those who are registered for our 3-day ICDC Facilitator Training Weekend.

  • Facilitated by Eily, Trevor, and Sala Sky.
  • Doors open on 7:00 pm – Event Start at 7:15 PM – Ends 9PM
  • Address: 3375 Spruce Dr SW, Calgary
  • This will be a time for you all to rest and experience what it is like to receive the benefits of a Vibrational/Sound Healing experience. *Optional, highly recommended 


1-Day -Gentle Drumming- Program:

Price: $320.00+gst
(Spring) Pay by March 21st, 2023 and Save $25
(Fall) Pay by September 11th, 2023 and Save $25
Early Bird Price: $295.00=gst
Cancellation Policy, full refund, less $50 admin fee, can be provided up until two weeks prior to training commencement. 50% refunds can be provided within the two week period prior to training commencement. 

Online Registration: Register Here

Contact Julien Lepage for more information:  julien@circlesofrhythm.com if you have any questions or concerns
Fees are processed upon registration. 
We are happy to arrange a payment plan if needed.
Refunds issued for cancellations with greater than 2 weeks notice, less a $50 admin fee.  
Registration is transferable to another person for the same workshop date only.

Legend – referenced above by *

* “world’s top community drum circle programs & teachers” refers to Babatunde Olatunji’s & Arthur Hull’s Village Music Circle’s, DCFacilitator’s Training Program, Barry Bittman and Christine Stevens’ – HealthRHYTHM Training Program, the Holyoake DRUMBEAT program and many more that have inspired Judy Atkinson, founder of Circles of Rhythm & author of “The Drum Code, Living Well Between the Beats” to develop this unique, in-depth, comprehensive approach aimed at maximizing the transformational benefits of community drumming.

** “Masters-Level”, refers to a ICDC facilitator that has taken Levels II and II, and has facilitated a minimum of 1111hrs of drum circles using the ICDC methodology, and has received a minimum of 222hrs of support, supervision, and mentorship from a Masters-Level ICDC facilitator. If you’d like to join our growing team of ICDC facilitators working towards their Masters-Level, begin recording your hours of facilitation and please contact us at info@circlesofrhythm.com.

*** “applying the ICDC methodology in countless settings” refers to offering the ICDC for: Acute Care Hospital Programs, Mental Health & Addiction Treatment (inpatient, outpatient, community levels), Complex Trauma Treatment services, other Health Care Programs (Cancer Centres, Palliative Care, Chronic Pain, Eating Disorders, Longterm Care, Assisted Living Care Facilities, Adapted Cognitive & Physical Abilities programming, Day Hospitals, Burns Victims, Survivors of Suicide, and more), Professional Team Building, Corporate Workplace Programs, Keynote & Conference Events, School Programs, Seniors Living Facilitates, Festivals, Pub Crawls, Coffee-Shop Jam Nights, Community Events, Wellness Retreats/Workshops, Parades, Funerals, Baby Showers, Birthdays, and Retirement Parties, Wedding & Divorce Ceremonies, by the beach, on a bus, on a roof top, and in a basement… We’ve done it all! If your event is not yet on this list, we’re up for a challenge!

**** the “trauma-sensitive drumming program” is a new 4-week intensive mental health treatment program inspired by the teachings of the ICDC methodology & evidence-based approaches to treating complex post-traumatic stress disorders, treatment resistant depressive disorders, and generalized anxiety / panic disorders. It is currently offered exclusively within the Newly Institute’s Intensive Outpatient Program in Calgary, AB – with the intention of producing evidence-based research data in the coming year. If you would like to help fund this research initiative, contact-us by email at info@circlesofrhythm.com

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