What People Say


“You cant stay grouchy at a drum circle, the joy is contagous!”

“Thank you once again for sharing your gift.”

“This really grounded me and also lightened my heart”

“To be moved to tears while participating in your session was a true surprise to me.”

“Clearly, drumming fills my soul to overflowing. I loved it!”

“Judy’s work is ultimately about revitalizing, invigorating and inspiring.”


“Judy is head and shoulders above any of the 12+ drum circle facilitator I have experience d in the US.” Suncor Energy

“We are thrilled to have the World Expert Drum Circle Facilitator right here in Calgary.” Suncor Energy

“Thanks for making the drum experience available to everyone” Telus

“I will never forget this conference because of the drum circle.” Enmax

“It was not only fun, but educational and inspirational.” Husky Energy

“I think we should return to the drum circle as a kick off every year at our annual conference.” Trans Canada

“Rather than just beating our own drums, we became a part of something bigger than ourselves.” Agrium

“This was a very tough and sceptical crowd, but everyone benefited immensely from it” Myers Norris Penny

“I feel refreshed, re-energized, peaceful and serene. I just feel better!” Banff Centre for Managment

“Absolutely fantastic!” Suncor Energy


“This was an experience where everyone contributed equally to the whole” Talisman Energy

“It broke down barriers and got us working really well together as a team.” Royal Bank

“We can play our own beat and still contribute to the whole” Royal Host

“We experienced successful communication and teamwork with virtually no words!” EnCana

“The most effective, accessible and fun team event ever!” City of Calgary


“It really re-energized us after a tough cerebral day”

“The Boom Whackers are magical; they really brought people from our region together.”

“Judy has a profound way of putting into words what is un-talked about at work, love, spirit and joy!”

“The three words that best describe this workshop are joyful, playful and profound.”


“Judy Atkinson offers hope and inspiration to women who are coming into the menopausal time of their lives, or are in transition of any kind.

“Judy’s story as a living example of how to not get stuck in the patterns of resentment, fear or self-doubt, but move on to become happy and successful”


“What wonderful work you’re doing. I know you enjoy it, and you bring such joy to others through it.”

“It is obvious that this is your passion”

“You just shine when you get into the center of the drum circle, it is fantastic to watch you do your magic!”