Deepak Chopra meets Judy Atkinson!

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On October 8, 2015 I had an evening with Deepak Chopra

He spoke for an hour and a half, but before that I had the opportunity to have a personal interaction with him in the special VIP lounge for people who paid extra to meet him.  I dint pay any extra, but Mike Finch from Self Connection Books, whom I was volunteering for that evening to promote and sell books for, generously said, “want to meet Deepak?”  Of course I said yes!

It was super cool to have the chance to talk one-on-one with him, but bless his heart, he was not very present.  I know, I’m ‘just a girl from cow town’, but I am, the I am, the core message of his talk, and he didn’t make much effort to connect other than sitting behind a table and looking up at me from time to time while he checked his text messages and  I talked.  He made no effort to simply say, ‘hi, hold on, Ill be just a minute’.  I know, he is famous, and ‘up there’ in the spiritual teacher realm, but his behaviour was very disconnected.  There was an, ‘I’ll sit here and listen to you, but I’m not really  here’  kind of attitude.

Now maybe this was about me, my personal issues around not being enough, or feeling small in comparison to a big teachers like Deepak, or maybe it was the facts around his fame and  meeting thousands of people.  I don’t know, any of the above are possible.  The message he delivered, that we are all spiritual beings, all connected, that we can change our biology and neuropathways with our minds; that the “I” presence which we all are is aware but not touched by time or space, by emotion or suffering.  Frankly, I loved the message, the science, the stories he shared, and didn’t feel much connection to this human being-ness.

That said, I did feel compassion for him, for the crazy schedule he keeps, for the pull on is time and attention.  It must be brutal.  I’m grateful for the moment I had with him.  For the chance to be in his vortex, to touch him with my unconditional love, to know that he is truly a wise teacher of the 21st century, and to soak up the many inspirational messages he delivered;

Here are few that resonated with me:
~Your I presence is not in time or space, your cellular presence is.
~The I that is reading these words right now is beyond time and space, it is your soul, it breaths you, runs your digestion, pumps your heart and makes a baby without your conscious intervention.  It never leaves you.
~Your human cellular experiences are in time and space.
~Your genes and body change over time, and with experiences in life.
~They are influenced by relationships, social interactions and the environment.
~So, follow the 5 pillars of success as a human being to be healthy, and stay in tune with the reality of your I presence as well.  This is the future of health.

The 5 pillars of success: 
1. Sleep well
2.  Meditate
3.  Move your body, exercise
4.  Monitor your emotions, develop emotional intelligence
5. Use good nutrition

Your conscious intervention is possible and can improve your health and your life.  Your I-presence is always there, always, forever.  All is well in this realm so don’t sweat the small stuff.  Take care of your mind, emotions and body, and be grateful for the everlasting Divine in you.   

Be well,

Judy Atkinson
Founding Director, Circles of Rhythm