Drumming for Eating Disorders

Trust, Compassion and Kindness

Last week I did a drum circle with a group of women who are living with chronic eating disorders, and have not been able to heal from this serious and debilitating disorder for years. Every therapeutic technique possible has been offered to them, with no lasting effect.

The eating disorder clinic at the old Children’s Hospital is getting creative and  introducing a new program for these women called UBUNTU!  This word means, “I am because you are”, and is very inclusive, community based and empowering.

This new approach is more experiential, creative  and hands on than other traditional therapy techniques.  The drum circle was one such experience, and it was AMAZING!

The behavioral changes after a 45 minute session was remarkable.  Indeed the director of the program was astonished as several member stood in a circle, arms and heart open to be “drummed” by her fellow eating disorder participant. ( A very vulnerable position and experience)

These troubled women stood in a circle, eyes closed while others drummed into their hearts sending Hope, Healing and Happiness intentionally through their drums.  It worked!  Trust, empowerment, and compassion permeated the room. Very heart- warming indeed.

The therapeutic drum circles we offer are facilitated by professionals, trained to know how to adjust and adapt to different group needs.  The experiences are safe and loving, playful and profound.  This approach allows people to feel more open to taking the risk of trying something new,. and even opening their hearts and minds to healing others and being healed by them.  We are all capable of helping others, and of opening to love through the kind, compassionate healing essence of our fellow human beings.

The power of the drum, simply a tool for unconditional love, was at work again!  Call us any time to discuss  your healing needs.  The drum is an ancient tool returning to our modern world in a whole new form, as the Community Drum Circle.

Peace to you and yours on this amazing fall day.

We are better together!


If you want to experience some of these powerful healing techniques, come to a
Drum Lodge 
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