A Vision, Tenacity, and Deep Passion

Julien Lepage is a man with a dream. He has been doing drum circles for AHS and the program is called Drumming up Wellness. This program has been hugely successful and the people that attend have seen the benefits of drumming. Staff and patients come together and this circle is also open to the public, so anyone can attend. At the beginning of the circle everyone is there participating as themselves with their labels and their stories. As the hour progresses, something amazing unfolds, everyone feels they are a part of the rhythm of the circle, and they are all just human beings playing drums together, no labels, no judgements, just HUMANS. Drumming is an incredibly powerful tool for all people on a path to mental wellness, and within a drum circle everyone is equal and able to receive the benefits.

Julien has a passion to change the stigma attached to mental illness, changing it to a perspective that we are ALL on a path to Mental Wellness.  The road to bring drumming to people through the vehicle of AHS has been a long one. This Friday, October 16th, there will be a milestone reached. The AHS has purchased their own drums and they will be unwrapping them to play for the first time.  The program is going to be videotaped by AHS to share the success of the program.

Judy agreed to support Julien’s dream 4 YEARS AGO and has been providing drums for this program, care of Circles of Rhythm, every single Friday. To do some general math, this drumming program has happened 208 times, and it’s average attendance is 40-60. That means this program has seen 8,000 participants over the past 4 years! That is incredible to say the least.

Drumming up Wellness program has reached a new pinnacle, and Circles of Rhythm is honored to have been a part of making the dream a reality. Way to go Julien!!

Article written by Jamie Gore