“That was way too cool Mom!”

Drum Circles are filled with people all on this path of life, and each and every one of them comes in to the space with a story. We may not know what is going on for the person sitting next to us, but when we drum together we are able to share a brief moment in time as human beings.

As a drum circle facilitator you get to meet so many people, and sometimes you get to hear what is going on for them, you get to hear their story.

Here is one precious story from a drum circle participant at our community drum circle that happened September 4th, 2015.


A woman came up to me last night to tell me a story.  She brought her 11 year old daughter to the circle last week for the first time.  Her daughter was visiting from Edson, she only comes to see her mom once a year!  She shared that her daughter is “painfully shy”  so didn’t know how she would be with the drum circle experience but wanted to do something she would really remember with her.  

When they arrived she was very cool to it all, sat timidly touching her drum, looking around out of the corner of her eye at everyone nervously.  But as the evening went on she engaged, and by the end she was smiling, happy and saying “this was way too cool Mom!”  Her mom was amazed and truly touched that the drum circle had that effect.  They now have a memory together of authentic joy.  I’m hoping we can get someone trained in Edson so that there can be an ongoing outlet for her awakening closer to home! 

Story by Judy Atkinson

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a drum circle in towns and cities across the province for people to come out and experience this?  This fall Judy will be offering facilitation training for people who share this vision of bringing out the joy and the stories of people!

Article written by Jamie Gore