Strength in Vulnerability

Have you ever met someone and found out their life story and been blown away at how incredible their attitude is about life?  How can these people be happy in spite of everything that has happened to them?

These kind of people have always intrigued me. What makes them tick? Recently I had the opportunity to introduce two people and witness them sharing their personal stories of adversity. It was a sunny afternoon and I sat with them while they exchanged their stories. As we sat in the front room, I happened to look outside the front window, and a little guest was waddling up the sidewalk and past the window. A porcupine! How rare and sweet. I interrupted the chat to make known this little guest crossing the yard, minding his own way. It was a special moment. The lady suggested that we look in one of her books about animals to find out what the porcupine represents and what they can teach us.

At the end of the conversation she pulled out her book and we read, ‘There is strength in vulnerability’. Wow. The message was loud and clear. As I sat with these two individuals who clearly live their life in that way, I was shown that indeed there is strength in vulnerability.

It is such a gift to meet all sorts of people with this role of drum circle facilitator. Everyone has a story, and when we come together to drum,  we can lighten each others loads.

Check out the full message from the porcupine to see if it has any message for you today!


Article written by

Jamie Gore