Inspiring Senior Story

We offer a weekly drum circle for seniors at Garrison Greens in Calgary, alternating between the memory challenged group and the regular population each week.  This week Jamie Gore facilitated a memory challenged group and this is a story that she shared with us:

“I was speaking to the aid that assists the residents with memory issues and I asked her if she had noticed any benefits from the drumming on the residents she supports. She said that one of the ladies she brought to the circle was feeling very agitated right before the circle due to the fact that she was having an issue with her caregiver. At the beginning of the circle I was teaching the group a rhythm with ‘if you can say it, you can play it.’ The rhythm was ‘won’t you come and drum’ this senior was having a very hard time with saying the phrase. The aid slowed down the phrase for her and all the sudden she got it. She really relaxed into the drumming and engaged for the whole hour.
This resident also has schizophrenia. 
The drumming was able to help calm her and help her to relax and be present when she may have otherwise had a bad day.”
Way to go Jamie, and way to go Drum Circle!  This is a powerful healing modality.  The drum has been used for thousands of years for a reason!   There is an abundance of research now being done on this healing modality, so science is finally catching up to the aboriginal peoples from around the world!
If you have a healing request, a senior in a home, or a company needing a lift, give us a call to discuss your needs.