The Power of Group Intention

A friend sent this article to me yesterday and I thought you all might enjoy this wonderful succinct reminder of what we know, but sometimes forget, the power of group intention and prayer.  Enjoy, and see you at a drum circle, a powerful group prayer for peace and joy in our troubled world…

July 13th, 2015

What can happen when you are in a group of incredibly high energy and conscious people? Can energetic intent of a relatively small group have an impact on the entire world? When you are in that energy you can certainly feel that the impact is rippling out into an area much larger than you can imagine. There have been scientific studies that prove that group meditation can reduce crime, that consciousness is impacted even before major events like tsunamis and earthquakes, and that healing is affected by prayer, even without the individual’s knowing about the prayers. Group intention is a powerful and measurable way to truly impact the world’s consciousness level.

As we see the first signs of the old economic and political structure beginning to crumble, it is even more essential that each of us join together to envision the emergence of a new type of world. If you don’t yet have a group to join ask spirit to guide you to one. If nothing is available locally, then search for a virtual group. Join your energy into a group intention, knowing that this is perhaps the most important action you can take to bring about a new world paradigm. As we help each other raise our energetic vibration in many ways, we can help eliminate the fear of the transition and help make the birthing of the new world a smooth, loving and joyous process.

–Ted Murray

This came from an international online group, Humanities Team, working towards a more humane humanity!  Check it out, amazing speakers and podcasts for your learning and listening pleasure and evolution!

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A reminder to send this Youtube of our Friday Night Drum Circle to your friends and family.  It will really help them understand what a real live drum circle is, a group prayer for peace and joy!  THANKS!