An Inspiring Cancer Story

Here is a remarkable healing story from a cancer patient who is now cancer free after 5 years.  I was so impressed with his journey and the role the Rhythm Cradle Drum Healing played in it. Take what you want and leave the rest.  I know for sure that there is a remarkable power present when caring compassionate individuals drum intentionally for healing into another.  Enjoy.

“Judy, you offered  healing drumming  to  me at a Wellspring Cancer Group prior  to  my  surgery  in  April  2010. I had  just  been diagnosed  with two  colorectal  malignant  tumours  larger  than  6  cm  in  size and  needed  surgery immediately.  Some  oncologist researchers  say  there is less  than an  18%  chance  of  living five years  with  this  condition.  You  and  the  other  people  at  the workshop  on  that  day  did  the Rhythm Cradle  drumming and  I  felt  it made  a  huge   difference in  my  mental/emotional  mind set as I prepared  for  cancer surgery.  You  mentioned  you  had  recently come  from  Africa  where  you  had  worked  with a  leading  medical  specialist  in  this area.  After  surgery  I did  not  need chemotherapy  or  radiation  as  suggested,  or  the  ostomy  I was  told  I would  need  for  a  year – and maybe  forever.  There was not a  single  cancer  cell  is  the  section  surrounding the  tumours  after  surgery (extremely  rare in  this situation).  Now  five years  after  I remain  cancer  free.  I  will  always  remember your help  with much gratitude  and  deep  appreciation.”

So, come drum on Friday nights as a regular healing practice in YOUR life!  We do the Rhythm Cradle that this gentleman mentions every week.  Also join a cancer group at Wellspring, it is an amazing center to help people living with cancer and their loved ones.