“Cake Diving” as a path to enlightenment!

It has been said that a lack of ego, (worrying about what people will think), coupled with the ability to be spontaneous, (I had no preconceived plans to do this!) and in the moment, (no thoughts about whether anyone would eat the cake after I dived into it!),  are signs of being on the path to enlightenment.

Hmmm, well, I guess I’m doing great so far!  

Really, what I know for sure is that the ability to play, be lighthearted and carefree are ways of being that we all aspire to. Over the years I know there are times when I have been much too serious, about life, about my children’s welfare, about the world, about spirituality.  And, I know that this is a troubled world, with much pain and suffering.  I also know that it is important to make a conscious decision to take a leap of faith and decide that that life is basically GOOD, that people are basically GOOD, and that we are all evolving to more GOOD.  This takes courage as there is lots of evidence that the world and people are not GOOD…  We need to support and encourage each other, we need an authentically positive attitude.   We need to Cake Dive on every birthday.  I challenge you to try!  When is your birthday?     

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