Who Gives a Shit?

circles_top_image_workplace_wellnessAn important and disturbing question, some food for thought this weekend…

A long lunch in the sun, a fascinating conversation with a good friend and a disturbing suggestion arises;
That most people really don’t give a shit about anything but themselves.  

Well, this is a hard one for me to swallow as I am an eternal optimist,  born-wired to see the best in people, situations and life. This is one of my greatest gifts.  I naturally look for the life lesson, and go to compassion fairly quickly, even when I’ve been wronged.

However, it’s easy to get “lost in goodness” when you hang out with people of like mind, and the people in my life are amazing human beings who care, care, care!  So, am I being naive or Pollyanna? Is it true that most people really don’t care?

So if this is true, that people generally don’t give a shit,  why is this?  Why don’t people care?

Many reasons come to mind,here are three to discuss at  your dinner conversations this weekend. Continue the exploration, and see where it takes you. Its an important conversation to have:

1.  Overwhelm from being inundated with negative local and international news stories and not knowing what to do to help.  They are true stories, but not a balanced overview of the whole .  There is also an abundance of positive news that is simply not reported.  “Compassion fatigue” can set in when you try too hard to “help”, leading to apathy, depression and the “Who gives a shit attitude”.

2.  The “not enough syndrome”, which I think is a very common western phenomenon.  No matter how pretty, handsome, fit, wealthy, successful you are, it is never enough.  We are always told that we would be happier when we have more, are more, get more.  IE: How many silver or bronze Olympic metal winners are remembered?

3.  Simple unconsciousness,  not taking the time to reflect on life, its origin, meaning and purpose.  If you do, it will inevitably lead to looking at your own life, it’s pain and challenges, with a mind to understand, learn and hopefully become a better  human as a result.

If you don’t give a shit, why?  If you do, where did that attitude come from?  How can you help shift this attitude, which some say is prevalent in our culture, society and world.

Food for thought this weekend.