Music Fusion & Unity Consciousness

Imagine a Jazz Ensemble and a String Quartet playing  TOGETHER!







Two completely different genres,  approaches to and thinking patterns about music.  Well, it happened one crisp winters night in Mission Community Hall last week, and it was MAGIC!

If you only watch the 6 o’clock news you might think otherwise, but we are drawn to unity, to fuse together, whether cuisine or music, co-op neighborhoods or drum circles, there is more evidence appearing in our world that we are coming together rather than pulling apart.

The Cliff-Bungalo Mission community offers monthly Jazz nights and I highly recommend you check them out!  Here is the link to their site.  Lets have another evening of music and magic in 20151!

Performance Schedule: 2014 / 2015 

December 3  Hutchinson Andrew trio featuring the Lily string quartet

January 7 (2015)  Jazz ’n Jews with Allan Merovitz and friends

February 4 B3 organ night with the Gareth Bane quartet

March 4 Vocal jazz night with Johanna Sillanpaa

April 1  Jazz guitar night with Ralph Buschmeyer and Jon McCaslin

April 18   Dance night with the Sheldon Zandboer quartet

May 6  Jazz bass night with Rubim de Toledo

June 3  The Rick Climans quartet with a mixture of originals and standards with a twist

See  you there!