Three Really Important Things…

24 days till Christmas!  WOW, is seems like it was just October and the leaves were turning color….  Time flies…
Today I  was at a  memorial for my sister Barb who passed away tragically 4 years ago at 47.  It seemed like yesterday that I was standing by her grave side with my Mom and Dad.   I believe that we all have a purpose and leave a teaching for us who are left.  Today I was touched by what my little sister Barb taught me.
Her legacy was to remind me of three really important things:
1.  To Connect with Nature.  She loved the outdoors and took every opportunity to get into it, it was her “place” for healing and spiritual connection.
2.  To Put People and Family First;  She was an amazing friend and mother, and her peeps were  her everything.  Her daughter is now a mom too, a wonderful  one.   The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
3.  To Balance Giving with Receiving.  Barb was an earth angel, who did so much for so many.  Sadly she didn’t learn the art of receiving in her own life.  She gave so much her heart gave out, and she died of a massive heart attach in her 40s…  But she is in my head and heart every day as I attempt to balance these two key life ingredients in my busy life every day.
Thank you Barb, I love and miss you dearly.  I will do my best to be kind to myself AND others.
Kind readers, take these lessons with you.  We all have a purpose in this earth school and  Barb’s may have been to teach me about the art of balancing giving with receiving, the importance of connecting to nature, and the love of friends and family.  I share this with all of you, with great love and respect and in memory of my beautiful sister, Barb.  Peace be with her and you all this day and forever….images