Death by Work…

A friend recently died of massive stage 4 cancer a short time after he was diagnosed.   He went to the doctor for gastrointestinal problems in August and died in November………  His wife wrote a letter to her  family and friends and one of her most poignant comments was about his approach to work:

On the physical level, Bill’s cortisol levels have been excessive in his
body for a long time, years of stress in the corporate world, where he was
almost constantly busy, running from one meeting to another,
often missing lunch, puttting out fires, doing whatever was asked of
him, feeling he had no time to himself. I know that most executives
experience the same feeling of having no time to themselves. Although we
eat healthy 90% of the time, and take high quality nutritional supplements,
that was no match for the excessive free radicals that were damaging his
immune system.

The corporate world and the work world in general can create so much stress on our bodies that it literally  kills us!  There is actually a word in the Japanese language for this that literally means, death by overwork!  Many of us in North America just spend too much time at work, we are unbalanced and need to stop and reflect before it is too late, like it was for this man.

This story nudges me once again to deliver an important message to you all:

Joy is your highest purpose, so find YOUR’s!

If your work creates a state of joy, peace and bliss for you then by all means spend lots of time there.  However, if it doesn’t, find some balance, don’t spend so much time working that your life is eaten up by it.  Take some time over the holiday season to reflect on what your joy really looks like.  Bliss is an all encompassing state, a space inside all of us  where joy, peace and happiness reside.  Lay down the burden of trying to be and do what you don’t love.  I know we all have to make a living and our work takes a lot of our time, so it is really important to reflect on how your work can feed your spirit not stress you out.  Minor adjustments can make a big difference, in your hours, attitude, job role etc.  When you discover what you truly love, and share these passions with others, you will find your bliss on a day to day basis.

My passions revolve around spending meaningful time with friends and family, being active in nature, staying healthy, learning and growing, planning and participating in playful and profound events and gatherings.  When I am engaged in these things and when I share them wholeheartedly with others, I am in BLISS.

So I continue to plan and share my bliss in my work and my private life.  Come to a Drum Circle with me, come to an amazing Concert with me, come to my new Retreat in March, come on a Drum Hike this summer.  This is what I love, and I want to share my life with you.

Take some time to reflect on your life while curled up by the fire on this cold December week.