Benefit Concert

Calgary’s Heart BEATS!


Kai Serah, Synia and Rohan

Friday June 20, 7-10pm

On June 20th 2013 a wave of water and love hit Calgary!
It changes us forever, opening our hearts to each other in service and support.
In alignment with this transformation we are planning a benefit concert to help another family who experienced a terrible tragedy of the worst kind, the death of a young 8 year old girl Synia this April.

kai 2
Synia was tragically killed in a car accident, and all the sound equipment that her
Mom and Dad used to do their amazing healing work was destroyed.

Come drum, dance, and celebrate in remembrance of both the
hardship and the heart opening that resulted from both events.

Drum Circle, Silent Auction, Healing Practitioners & Live Music

Our hearts have been collectively opened, by tragedy and love,
so lets gather to continue the journey of support and kindness!


Singer songwriter, and Hang player!

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Liron Man

 Inglewood Community Hall, 1740 24 ave se Drums Provided
$20 at the door, $5 kids under 16 and seniors over 60!

For more information contact Judy Atkinson, President Circles of Rhythm,

More on Kai, Serah Synia and Rohan:


Kai and Serah have been travelling across Canada sharing their unique spiritual gifts for the past several years.   Thousands of people have been profoundly affected by their cooperative healing and presence.

Kai, Serah, and their two children, Rohan and Synia traveled together from Canadian coast to coast on their experiential journey of life.

Unfortunately, on March 30, 2014, Kai and his family found themselves in an Eastern Blizzard in Nova Scotia which led to a fatal crash which claimed the life of their dear 8 year old daughter Synia.

In addition to losing their beautiful and very special “Indigo” daughter Synia, their instruments including Didgeridoos and crystal bowls, which enabled their livelihood, have also been destroyed.

If you feel so moved, please help us by co-creating in an effort to raise money by gathering in community for our friends and colleagues Kai and Serah.  You may not have been touched by their presence, but your presence and prayer can touch their lives now in their time of sorrow and transition.

All proceeds will go to Kai and Serah as an offering of our love and support.

A little about Kai and Serah…

Kai has been practicing as an intuitive healer for over 15 years. He has studied and offered his gifts internationally. Though he has trained in several healing fields, he has experienced Shamanic Sound Healing to be his most powerful modality. He is hilariously astute and a master in communicating with the divine through music.

“The moment I start blowing into the Didgeridoo, I feel like my whole being is taken over by spirit, I become a channel and God uses me as his tool to bring medicine, love, hope and connection to the people. Every time I play, I feel the room fill with light and spirits, there is so much love and so many gifts for everyone. Miracles happen all the time during Shamanic Sound Journeys”

Serah has a background in Cranio-Sacral Healing, Dance, Kundalini Yoga and being a Priestess.  She can feel where energy is blocked and bring back the flow.  In addition to her voice, she uses Crystal Energy Healing, Chakra Energetic Alignment and Dance Medicine, to promote release, spiritual embodiment and offer divine blessings.

“I love being part of Shamanic Sound Healing…These incredibly vast divine Beings sing through me, and move my arms transmitting energy healing.  Sound is such a powerful tool, it can be used to expand, dissolve, call back to source, free, activate and bless.  I feel honored to be allowed to be of service, to all the beautiful beings coming our way.”


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