Messages from a Team

I was honored to facilitate a drum circle with the focus of team building for Fortis Alberta. They were a group of twelve, and it was clear from the beginning that they were an amazing team. We went through rounds of drumming to warm them up to their new tool, the drum, and to notice what it takes to make a drum circle work, and how that is comparable to making a team work! They had an amazing drum circle, full of rhythm and connection.  At the end of the session they were able to dialogue about how drumming is comparable to their work and what comparisons they could make. Here are some of the key messages they came up with as a TEAM

Messages from a Drum Circle

Timing! It is so important- knowing when to come in and when to step out. Know when to stop and when to start.

You cannot go full speed ahead all the time or you will burn out and be ineffective. You need to slow down sometimes as well.

If one person loses their beat, it can impact the entire group. The team keeps the work alive and supports one another to keep the rhythm going in sync. If one person needs a break, the group will keep the momentum going.

TRUST! Counting on one another! When you trust your colleagues it empowers them to do the best they can.

We are all equal, and partners, no one dominates in this group. It is very important in this organization, and each of us has our expertise to bring to the group.

It is so important to know both strengths and weaknesses in the group.

Consider bringing Circles of Rhythm into your workplace to bring your team messages out!
Written by Jamie Gore