Now I don’t have to quit my job!

Last night at our regular Friday night drum circlle had the volunteer team all came together into the middle of the circle to receive the Rhythm Cradle.  One of them reported back this morning with this wonderful testimonial:

“Wow, last night I was so exhausted from my work week, but you have no idea how grounding and sweet  this was for us all.

 Jokingly I said to Julian after the rhythm cradle that now we don’t have to quit our day jobs!  It felt so good.  I went home last night, feeling so calm and had a great nights sleep, even though I had to be up at 5:30 for work.  

The benefits were HUGE!  I’m still feeling less stressed here at work.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Thank YOU Karen Foster, a volunteer who has been attending drum circles and helping me for over 18 years!  We are so blessed to have this powerful weekly health tool, and to have this amazing team of dedicated volunteers who show up every week to help.

It was so good to see them balance the giving they do so freely with some receiving last night.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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