JOY IS….A Golden Retreiver Puppy called RU!

RU is the name of my daughters new Golden Retreiver puppy. What more do I need to say, pure joy! Joy is the most powerful positive state, and we all know it when we feel it.

The purpose of life is to ENJOY it! How much joy do you experience on a daily basis? Ultimately Joy is found in 4 key healthy loving connections:

A Loving Connection to your Body and Emotions
A Loving Connection to your Authentic Self
A Loving Connection to Others and Nature
A Loving Conneciton to the Divine

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We will explore these four connections at our upcoming
SPRING RETREAT, “Rhythm on the Ranch”,
May 2-4, at Folk Tree Lodge near Bragg Creek. for more information

Register with Jacquie Barnes at: 403-9494108.

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