Training Overview



Integrative Drum Circle Training

For the Body, Mind and Spirit

Therapeutic Drum Circle Training & Gentle Drum Healing Techniques

One or Three-Day programs


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After 15+ years offering Integrative Drum Circle Facilitation Training it is clear.  There are two streams of individuals who tend to register who have very different personalities and backgrounds.  To best serve the needs of this diverse group, we have designed an integrated training program to meet all your needs.


1-Day or 3-Days, YOU CHOOSE!

Opt to take a full 3-day program combining both Integrative Drum Circle & Gentle Healing Training, or just do day 3, the  Gentle Drum Healing segment if that better suits your gifts and unique style.

“We use this integrative approach in hospitals and it works!
I highly recommend you take this training so you will be equipped to join our
Rhythm Project Team with AHS!”

Drum Facilitator, Alberta Health Services

Musical, Physical, Psychological & Spiritual

Days one and two focus on the drum circle as a tool for community building and healing, and are based on the most current findings from medicine, psychology, biology and music.  Day three covers gentle drum healing techniques, bringing powerful emotional and spiritual components to play.  In addition as a part of the program, you will have the opportunity to experience, as a participant, the two types of drum circles, a lively healing drum circle and a gentle nurturing healing circle.  Special guest musicians will be part of these two evenings to enhance your experience.

“As a professional adult educator, I know that the best way to learn is through theory, practice and experience.  Our training is an integration of all three.  You will get what you need to put this training to practice right away, and I will be there to support you afterwards with coaching calls and a dedicated Facebook page as well.  Lets bring this powerful ancient tool into the modern world together.  It is time!  We are ready!”  
Judy Atkinson, Founder Circles of Rhythm