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Friday Night Drum Circles are BACK! Drumming in the Park

Come and join us for some outdoor Drumming in the North Glenmore Park
for the rest of Summer 2020! Please bring your own lawn chair.

COVID-19 Outdoor precautions mandatory.

DATES:  Friday Nights – August – September 2020

TIME:  Check in at 6:30 – Closing at  8:00pm

LOCATION:  North Glenmore Park

Weaselhead Parking Lot, 6615 37 St SW, Calgary, AB 


$10 General Admission

$5 Bring Your Own Drum

COVID-19 Outdoor Safety Measures Mandatory 

Bring your own lawn chair, water bottle, and snacks – We will have clean drums, clean hands, and friendly faces ready to welcome you.

Physical Distancing Mandatory. You can sit in your cohort groups. The use of masks is recommended. Hand sanitizer will be available on site.

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A night to remember… drumming, art galleries, Inner Journeys movement & ecstatic dance… December 13, 2019

Come DRUM.DANCE.LIVE with one of Calgary’s best ‘Heart Conscious’ communities! Join us for an evening of self expression & celebration through rhythm, music, movement & dance!

The Circles of Rhythm ‘Friday Night Community Drum Circle’ has been one of Calgary’s most vibrant communities for of 20 years! We wants to welcome all ages to join us for our end of year Fundraiser Event in a room decorated by the beauty of local artwork, groovy music, good food, and GREAT PEOPLE!!

The evening will start with our professionally facilitated ‘High Energy’ community drum circle: Imagine the powerful sound you’ll create when you join 200 drummers in a unified rhythm! Drumming promotes a sense of wellbeing, decreases your stress, and stimulates the healing process while you fill up with good vibrations!

Following a short break where refreshments will be served, we will be joined by Inner Journeys’ Kylee Dawn, as she invites you to dive into the Ecstatic Freedom within You. Through facilitated movement, breathwork, sound and stillness, join in on this adventurous dance journey. No dance experience necessary. Leave feeling inspired and uplifted.

The evening will allow for all attendees to visit the Art Gallery displayed. Items in this gallery will be up for silent auction. Proceeds of the silent auction will be passed on to the Circles of Rhythm Foundation.

Tickets are $25 each – Sold at the door – First Come First Served
Kids are $15 – No other discounts available at the door.

Learn more about the Circles of Rhythm Foundation Here

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Get Your Flu Shot in a Drum Circle?

Circles Of Rhythm - The Integrated Community Drum Circle - Calgary, AB - The #1 Community Drum Circle in Canada!

By:  Judy Atkinson

Living Well Between the Beats

Last Friday night I attended the first Circles of Rhythm drum circle in 2019 and the following quote, which was written after my very first drum circle in 1997, came to mind and became a reality once again:

“I walked into the drum circle sad and weary, I walked out on fire!”

The drums were beating, the lights were dimmed, hearts were opening and joy was in the air.  I closed my eyes and felt the skin of my drum; it was pulsating, physically moving to the heart beat of the circle, connected to every person there, to every hand, every heart. Everyone was engaging and involved whether listening, drumming, dancing or sitting quietly, everyone was giving and receiving in harmony, connected, ONE. 

Then it happened! Joy rushed through me like lightening.  It was electric; goosebumps raised every hair on my body and I was taken back to the feeling I had at my first drum circle so many years ago.  That feeling was one of hope, fearlessness, connection and pure unadulterated JOY!

This experience was a reminder that the drum circle is a place where I can go when I am sad, lonely or world-weary.  It is a place where I can go to have an actual in-the-body experience of hope for our seemingly falling down world; a place where I can let go of my own fear, worry and doubt for a while and just let the rhythm of those gathered hold me.  

Image taken @WUB_Gathering 2018 in Banff, AB

Circles of Rhythm drum circles are like flu shots providing an immune boost for hopeful thinking while counterbalancing the negativity in the news and media.  Over time the drum circle has helped me come to know deep down that the purpose of life is to live fully, to embrace it all, the good and the not so good, getting help and support when I need it, offering it when needed by others and truly enjoying the beauty of this earth and good times as they present themselves as well. 

“Years of attending drum circles has helped me to know that heaven on earth is not something to seek or to look for, it is something that comes through me when I allow it, notice it, and set myself up for it by putting myself in those places and with those people who know this too!”   –Judy Atkinson, Messenger of Joy

 So, let heaven come through you in 2019.  Stop trying so hard to feel good. It’s easy in a drum circle, you just have to show up as often as possible and get dose after dose of good medicine.  You will begin to know that goodness and harmony are not only possible but right here in front of you, pulsating through you wanting to be heard and acknowledged.   Joy is awaiting you in the drum circle, come get your flu shot, of joy regularly. 

See you in the circle!

Judy Atkinson, Founder: Circles of Rhythm

Author: The Drum Code, Living Well Between the Beats,403-862-5654

Judy Atkinson continues to support the growth and development of Circles of Rhythm from afar while she travels – and – as a board member of the Circles of Rhythm Foundation. Thank you Judy for your ongoing support, wisdom, and strength over the years.