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Fall 2021 – Friday Night Drum Circles – Inglewood Community Hall, Restrictions Exemption Program

DRUMMING IN THE PARK, 2021 – It’s a Wrap!

We’ve had such beautiful time drumming in the park with all of you this Summer. Circles of Rhythm is proud to state that we have been able to keep everyone safe while drumming in the great outdoors. Many who were walking by joined in on the fun, often times joining us the following week! Our grand finale last Friday, we saw over 100 drummers & 30+ spectators clapping their hands or joining in with a small piece of percussion.

Autumn is upon us, and so we will be transitioning from our spectacular open-air events in the Weaselhead Flats of North Glenmore Park into our home at the Inglewood Community Hall.


Now that the cooler weather is upon us, we are excited to share that starting October 1, plans have been finalized to return to the Inglewood Community Association Hall located at 1740- 24th Ave SE, Calgary, AB. Doors will open around 6:40, commencing with our 7:00 pm Drum Call until our closing at 8:30.

At Circles of Rhythm, we are committed to providing an Integrated Community Drum Circle experience grounded in compassion, kindness, and tolerance.  We strive to create an inclusive, non-judgemental environment where participants are encouraged to creatively express themselves while taking part in our heart-centred events. We are also big believers in the power of rhythm to help regulate our nervous systems & improve our overall health – which for many have been severely affected – both virtually and virally – since March 2020.

The pandemic has forced us to take some time away from drumming, the outdoor Friday Nights helped our team to really reflect on the “why” behind our weekly gatherings. Safety, Inclusivity, Diversity, Community, and Creative Expression come up as values-based statements that best describe the Friday Night Community Drum Circle Events. We are committed to continue to allow these Values to guide our team as we transition into weekly indoor drumming events.

Short Term Plan:

Some drumming is better than no drumming. In accordance with the current rental facility policies and the recently imposed business operation by-laws, COR will be implementing the Restrictions Exemption Program as outlined by AHS in its September CMOH Order 45-2021. What that means for our drumming community is that before entering the premises, all volunteers and participants:

  1. Over the age of 12 will be required to show valid:
    1. proof of vaccination, or
    1. proof of a privately-paid negative rapid test result taken within 72 hours of service, or
    1. documentation of a medical exemption

In addition to the above

  • Individuals 18 and over must also present personal identification to confirm their identity such as a driver’s licence, government-issued ID, citizenship card, passport, etc. (photo ID is not required)

Masks are mandatory upon entry and until seated. You may remove your mask when able to maintain physical distance from others outside of your own cohort.

While we can appreciate what the potential impact of doing so may have on individual circumstances and perspectives, please know that in order to continue offering our in-person weekly circles, we must adhere to all mandated provincial and municipal health orders.

Can’t attend our Community Drum Circle because of these changes?

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please fill out this Google Doc.

Long Term Plan:

We have submitted a proposal to the Board of Directors to be considered as an “Out-of-Scope Operator” under the Mutual Support Group/Meetings essential service description. We hope that, as the

We strongly believe the programming we provide is essential to the mental health and wellbeing of all attendees and wish to continue offering our FNDC to all who would like to participate while ensuring that public health safety remains a high priority. Our hope is that as the COVID-19 situation improves, we will be able to remove the need to request proof of vaccination with increased health measures, consequently allowing all who wish to access our programming to do so safely.

Let’s keep our hearts and minds focused on what is most important: We are capable of sharing a Loving Kindness to our fellow humans, regardless of our differences.

At this time, we encourage you to reflect upon the many reasons each of us comes together to drum in unity, especially during these complex, often divisive times. Your patience and respect for these health directives is greatly appreciated as the Circles of Rhythm team works hard to continue fostering a space for us all to connect – with ourselves and others – in a positive, safe, and supportive social environment.

Please also know that in the event you choose not to physically attend at this time, we will continue to hold space in our collective hearts for you in all the ways – both within and outside the circle.  Your well-being matters to us and we wish to hear from you! Please complete this form as we continue to work towards a more inclusive solution to these convoluted times. We love you, and we look forward to reconnecting with you as soon as possible!

Be kind and gentle in spirit, action, and intention with yourself and others as we venture forth into yet another challenging season – you are loved and you are worthy!

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Friday Night Drum Circles are BACK! Drumming in the Park

Come and join us for some outdoor Drumming in the North Glenmore Park
for the rest of Summer 2020! Please bring your own lawn chair.

COVID-19 Outdoor precautions mandatory.

DATES:  Friday Nights – August – September 2020

TIME:  Check in at 6:30 – Closing at  8:00pm

LOCATION:  North Glenmore Park

Weaselhead Parking Lot, 6615 37 St SW, Calgary, AB 


$10 General Admission

$5 Bring Your Own Drum

COVID-19 Outdoor Safety Measures Mandatory 

Bring your own lawn chair, water bottle, and snacks – We will have clean drums, clean hands, and friendly faces ready to welcome you.

Physical Distancing Mandatory. You can sit in your cohort groups. The use of masks is recommended. Hand sanitizer will be available on site.

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A night to remember… drumming, art galleries, Inner Journeys movement & ecstatic dance… December 13, 2019

Come DRUM.DANCE.LIVE with one of Calgary’s best ‘Heart Conscious’ communities! Join us for an evening of self expression & celebration through rhythm, music, movement & dance!

The Circles of Rhythm ‘Friday Night Community Drum Circle’ has been one of Calgary’s most vibrant communities for of 20 years! We wants to welcome all ages to join us for our end of year Fundraiser Event in a room decorated by the beauty of local artwork, groovy music, good food, and GREAT PEOPLE!!

The evening will start with our professionally facilitated ‘High Energy’ community drum circle: Imagine the powerful sound you’ll create when you join 200 drummers in a unified rhythm! Drumming promotes a sense of wellbeing, decreases your stress, and stimulates the healing process while you fill up with good vibrations!

Following a short break where refreshments will be served, we will be joined by Inner Journeys’ Kylee Dawn, as she invites you to dive into the Ecstatic Freedom within You. Through facilitated movement, breathwork, sound and stillness, join in on this adventurous dance journey. No dance experience necessary. Leave feeling inspired and uplifted.

The evening will allow for all attendees to visit the Art Gallery displayed. Items in this gallery will be up for silent auction. Proceeds of the silent auction will be passed on to the Circles of Rhythm Foundation.

Tickets are $25 each – Sold at the door – First Come First Served
Kids are $15 – No other discounts available at the door.

Learn more about the Circles of Rhythm Foundation Here

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UNITY – First Annual Fundraiser: Recovery, Resiliency, Reconciliation through Rhythm.

Presented to you by the Circles of Rhythm Foundation

Looking to get involved in something BIG!? Circles of Rhythm Foundation is taking the next step towards building commUNITY through rhythm, everywhere.

Date: June 15, 2019

Time: Doors open @ 6pm

Location : Wildrose Brewery 

About this Event:

Join us for an evening of amazing music and commUNITY– Enjoy some *Chill Beats blending contemporary lounge rhythms with tribal sounds of the didgeridoo, native flute, and tabla while you converse with like-minded individuals & win big with our *Silent Auction! Following a brief presentation highlighting the Circles of Rhythm Foundation Mission & Vision for Recovery, Resiliency, Reconciliation through Rhythm, the music will continue on with a *LIVE BAND and a *DJ to close out the night. 

Tickets $45 each – Your first beverage and appetizers (served between 6:30-7:30) are included!

Buy Tickets

  • Silent Auction ends at 9pm, LIVE BAND to follow. 
  • Our special Dj SET will help us end off the night just right

Celebration commUNITY through Rhythm!

We will see you there! 


  • DONATE for the Silent Auction
  • SPONSOR this Event

Contact us via email at for more details.

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Get Your Flu Shot in a Drum Circle?

Circles Of Rhythm - The Integrated Community Drum Circle - Calgary, AB - The #1 Community Drum Circle in Canada!

By:  Judy Atkinson

Living Well Between the Beats

Last Friday night I attended the first Circles of Rhythm drum circle in 2019 and the following quote, which was written after my very first drum circle in 1997, came to mind and became a reality once again:

“I walked into the drum circle sad and weary, I walked out on fire!”

The drums were beating, the lights were dimmed, hearts were opening and joy was in the air.  I closed my eyes and felt the skin of my drum; it was pulsating, physically moving to the heart beat of the circle, connected to every person there, to every hand, every heart. Everyone was engaging and involved whether listening, drumming, dancing or sitting quietly, everyone was giving and receiving in harmony, connected, ONE. 

Then it happened! Joy rushed through me like lightening.  It was electric; goosebumps raised every hair on my body and I was taken back to the feeling I had at my first drum circle so many years ago.  That feeling was one of hope, fearlessness, connection and pure unadulterated JOY!

This experience was a reminder that the drum circle is a place where I can go when I am sad, lonely or world-weary.  It is a place where I can go to have an actual in-the-body experience of hope for our seemingly falling down world; a place where I can let go of my own fear, worry and doubt for a while and just let the rhythm of those gathered hold me.  

Image taken @WUB_Gathering 2018 in Banff, AB

Circles of Rhythm drum circles are like flu shots providing an immune boost for hopeful thinking while counterbalancing the negativity in the news and media.  Over time the drum circle has helped me come to know deep down that the purpose of life is to live fully, to embrace it all, the good and the not so good, getting help and support when I need it, offering it when needed by others and truly enjoying the beauty of this earth and good times as they present themselves as well. 

“Years of attending drum circles has helped me to know that heaven on earth is not something to seek or to look for, it is something that comes through me when I allow it, notice it, and set myself up for it by putting myself in those places and with those people who know this too!”   –Judy Atkinson, Messenger of Joy

 So, let heaven come through you in 2019.  Stop trying so hard to feel good. It’s easy in a drum circle, you just have to show up as often as possible and get dose after dose of good medicine.  You will begin to know that goodness and harmony are not only possible but right here in front of you, pulsating through you wanting to be heard and acknowledged.   Joy is awaiting you in the drum circle, come get your flu shot, of joy regularly. 

See you in the circle!

Judy Atkinson, Founder: Circles of Rhythm

Author: The Drum Code, Living Well Between the Beats,403-862-5654

Judy Atkinson continues to support the growth and development of Circles of Rhythm from afar while she travels – and – as a board member of the Circles of Rhythm Foundation. Thank you Judy for your ongoing support, wisdom, and strength over the years.
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The journey of an Integrated Community Drum Circle Facilitator.

Circles of Rhythm’s Integrated Community Drum Circle Facilitator Training sent me off to a whole new world!

We love celebrating people’s successes, and best of all – people who GET what it is that we do, and why it works.

Ask any musician why music is so important and they’ll have 1000 different ways of answering! Pay close attention and you will notice that each answer highlights a unique story of a personal encounter where music touched the body, mind, and spirit. Patrick knew before attending our training that music was powerful, we just gave him another tool in his toolbox to do what he loves – making connections through music!

Patrick Carrick, professional musician and drummer, decided to take sign up for our 3-Day intensive Integrated Community Drum Circle Facilitator Training (ICDC) in October 2017.  He left feeling supercharged with ideas on how to combine his passion and skills for music and drumming to his community in Columbia Valley. Patrick used his mentorship program with Judy Atkinson, Founder of Circles of Rhythm, and Julien Lepage, Owner/Master ICDC of Circles of Rhythm, to develop many grant proposals to help him set off his dream of bringing the ICDC to his community in motion.


June 21, 2018 – Patrick contacted Circles of Rhythm and set us this picture:

Patrick Carrick receives his first cheque from the windermere valley musicians who care to help start building his Remo Percussion Drum Kit through Circles of Rhythm

Circles of Rhythm was proud to be at the end of the line, offering support by providing Patrick with a recommended drum kit using Remo Percussion’s quality instruments, and LP Percussion’s additional shakers and soundscape tools. Now, Patrick has started his own facebook group call the Columbia Valley Drumming and is offering the integrated community drumming circle in his part of the world!

Congratulations Patrick for all your efforts and dedication. We look forward to continuing to develop healthier communities using an ancient tool: The DRUM!

Patrick Carrick’s FIRST ICDC in BC – Amazing community building & Joy!! Congratulations Columbia Valley Drumming!

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Qualicum Beach, BC – Two Day Facilitator Training – September 2018

– Integrative Drum Circle Training –

– (ICDC) –

British Columbia, Qualicum Beach

For the Body Mind & Spirit

CIRCLES of RHYTHM is proud to partner with Pillar Stables Equine Assisted Learning Center to offer a condensed version of our ICDC training program.

Please contact us at to register for this workshop or to inquire about upcoming workshops!


2 Day Integrative Drum Circle Facilitator Training Program

Learn to Facilitate Therapeutic Drum Circles and In-Depth Drum Healing Techniques 

WHEN: Saturday & Sunday September 29, 30 2018

WHERE: Pillar Stables, Equine Assisted Learning Center, 1080 Pillar Road Qualicum Beach, BC

HOW MUCH$749.00

Space is limited, register today!

Circles of Rhythm
#1 Community Drum Circle in Canada

What is Integrative Drum Circle Training?

This training is based on a practical easy-to-learn protocol. It will enable you to step into a drum circle and lead your own drum group. The program teaches community building and therapeutic skills, as well as in-depth healing techniques using frame drums from various parts of the world, including our very own First Nations people.

This integrative approach uses multicultural drums and a balanced approach, helping you to grow exponentially BOTH as a facilitator and as a human being.

The instructors are Master Integrated Community Drum Circle (ICDC) Facilitators, Julien Lepage, and Jamie Gore. Together, they will empower you to assist people on their healing journeys, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, while building meaningful community.

Participants will leave the training feeling ready and capable of becoming a Lead Facilitator or Co-Facilitator of their own Integrated Community Drum Circle. You will also feel comfortable applying the Healing Techniques of the “Drum Wash” and “Rhythm Cradle” within your own healing/helping practice. The included mentorship program will offer participants a chance to receive support after a few months of practice as an Integrated Community Drum Circle Facilitator!

You will learn:

  • Basic drumming and Rhythm Making Skills you can apply IMMEDIATELY!
  • How to Build Meaningful Community.
  • How to effectively weave in appropriate Meaningful Messages and Metaphors.
  • How to Activate Emotional, Physical and Mental Healing.
  • Effective Strategies to improve symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.
  • Ancient vibrational healing techniques for modern times. 

Why Circles of Rhythm?

The health benefits of drumming have been scientifically investigated and published in multiple scientific and professional journals. It was shown that drumming helps to reduce adverse effects of several medical conditions such as Stress, Depression, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Stroke.

With over 16 years of experience, Circles of Rhythm is the only full time specialized integrative drum circle facilitator training business and the only Gentle Drum Healing Training in Canada.

A small snippet of our Rhythm Cradle/Rhythm Day Spa events

What’s included:

  • Two Professional Facilitators ready to help you feel confident leading drum circles and the healing techniques of the gentle drumming protocol.
  • Two full days of practice and instruction of the Integrative Community Drum Circle Experience & Gentle Healing Techniques.
  • Overview of Integrative Community Drum Circle Experience, theory and research supporting the use of drumming as a therapeutic tool.
  • EXPERIENCE a Professionally facilitated evening Integrated Community Drum Circle Experience where participants & the surrounding community is invited to participate in!
  • Each participant will receive a printed copy of the Facilitator Training Manual
  • Mentorship Program available for one-year post training and Coaching sessions and Private Facebook Facilitator page.
  • Support developing a customized drum circle format that includes drumming with horses.
  • Support building are recommended “drumkit” to accommodate various group sizes and various levels of ability.
  • Certificate of Completion 

MORE DETAILS on your Instructors HERE


  • Health Care Professionals/Facilitators
  • Music therapists/Music teachers
  • Teachers/Professors/Instructors
  • Drum Circle Facilitators/Professional Drummers
  • Addiction and Recovery Counsellors
  • Grief Counselors
  • Senior/Geriatric Services
  • Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators/Medicine Horse Practitioners
  • Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Counsellors
  • Complimentary Health Practitioners
  • Social Workers/Psychologists
  • Spiritual Seekers/Chaplins/Church Leaders

Some Clients that have utilized our drumming circles:

Women’s Shelters, Boys and Girls’ clubs, Youth Addictions Services, Private events for friends and families, Kids Camps, Funerals and Memorial Services, Eating Disorder Groups, Hospices, AA and AL-ANON meeting, Addictions Recovery Centers, Penitentiaries, Seniors Centers.

To register:

Please contact us for more information –

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A Prescription for JOY!

Ever wondered what a “prescription” for joy would look like?  

Here are some non-pharmacological factors that have a direct impact on our overall sense of Joy and Happiness!

-Time in Nature

-Time in Community – Develop & Nurture Meaningful Relationships

-Recreational Activities – Activate your inner child!

-Exercise & Physical Activity

-Be of Service to others – Find ways to contribute!

-Eat well (preferably with others!)

-Time in Silence – STOP, take deep breaths, Meditation

– Spirituality – Explore the extents of your spiritual understanding

Informed by: Dr. Roger Walsh’s TLC – Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes – More details here


The Integrated Community Drum Circle was conceptualized as a means to encompass as many of these key areas as possible!

We recommend attending a community drum circle REGULARLY to achieve & MAINTAIN a state of overall joy & hope for what the future holds.  Circles of Rhythm believes that EVERYONE can benefit from attending a weekly Drum Circle.

This is why we are introducing our 10 Circle Card Passes available for purchase this Friday @ our Friday Night Drum Circle!! as a means to help incorporate regular drumming into your lifestyle & wellness toolbox!

Check out our Dr’s Order Video

Drumming, Drum, Drum Circles, Fun!, Joy!, Dr's Orders,
Julien Lepage & Jon Pocock have fun drumming, talking about what brings JOY to their lives, and introduce the 10 Circle Pass Cards for the Circles of Rhythm Drum Circles

10 Circle Card Pass

General Admission $120

Seniors $80

Bring Your Own Drum (BYOD) $80

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Happy New Year from Circles of Rhythm!

Happy New Year from our team at Circles of Rhythm

Watch this short 2 minute video from Julien offering you his best wishes and some thoughts as we move into 2018 



The first Friday Night Drum Circle of 2018 is almost HERE!

More details on our Weekly Community Drum Circles here

We’re anticipating a great year in 2018 with all of you! Stay tuned for lots of surprises and community building opportunities for your and your loved ones!

Please, add us – share us – tag us


facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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Enlightened by Darkenss

Enlightened  By Darkness


Last night  I embraced my dark side.  Not to glorify pain or death, but to embody it, to dress and walk in the outer world as it,  for an evening.  In doing so, I began to know it more clearly.  And what a gift it was!

I had simply intended to dress up for Halloween, and invited a friend to bring over her costume stuff and dress me up.  I had no idea what would transpire from that simple playful request!

Although I might deny it, I have a dark side; a part of me that is mean, unkind and against love.  Although it might not have been intentional or conscious, it has expressed itself in various ways and at different times in my life.  I have inadvertently hurt others, said or done mean things, and, although I have let go of a lot of it  through self and other-forgiveness,  I still hold onto some guilt and resentment as a result.  Pointing fingers at others is a way to deflect  pain and guilt, but to own it, make amends and walk on with a lighter heart and soul feels so much better.

Beyond this, there is another part of my dark side which I have to contend with, the Angel of Death.  Whether it be tragic or graceful, painful or serene, long or short, young or old, death will come to me and to those I love.

Last night I dressed as the Angel of Death, walked out of my house into the world in a surprisingly different demeanor that felt as natural as my day to day Judy!  Although it was a very different external presentation of myself, it felt like I was still in my own skin. I felt strong and solemn, with a ‘don’t fuck with me , I will survive’ kind of attitude.  It was positive, powerful and as much a part of me as the ‘nice’ persona that I present most of the time.

In truth, the Angel of Death is hovering around my family right how.  It is a very difficult time.  I needed a way to honor her, to manage these rough waters, to deal with the potential death of loved ones.  By dressing as her, walking out into the world as her, strong, proud and courageous, I rediscovered that part of me.  I discovered that I am strong, courageous and proud; that I love life, I love many people deeply, and honor death as a natural and necessary part of it.

I discovered something remarkable and life changing; that this darkness is full of light! There is not a division between them; they both exist simultaneously in me at every moment. That the dark parts of life are just as natural and significant in life as are  the light.  The darkness of death is not here to do harm, to ruin lives or devastate us, but to help us through one of life’s most notoriously difficult transitions; from life to death. I also discovered that the mistakes I nave made and the hurt I have caused others and myself are part of the ongoing human learning journey; that they are forgivable, and indeed must be maturely forgiven before I can live a healthy peaceful life.

Although I was shocked at how natural it felt to dress and act as death and darkness,  I was also shocked at the reaction I got from both friends and strangers.  I definitely commanded attention.  For some this took the form of fear, for others rejection and even fascination or infatuation.  What struck me the most was the fact that I, Judy Atkinson affectionately known as ‘The Messenger as Joy’, was dressed in darkness, clothed in pain, and yet the light of my whole being shon through.

I have judged people who dress as Zombies, or Goths, seeing it as a glorification of death, cruelty and pain.  I still think that this may be the case for some, but for me, it was a deepening, broadening  and  enlightening experience.

I can now more clearly see that there is always light beneath the darkness, and darkness beneath the light, no matter what we are wearing on the outside. Last night normalized my pain and sadness.  It woke up my dark angel, a part of me that I need in order to navigate this human journey.  It lessened my judgement and self-righteousness, and  hopefully moving forward will soften the impact of all forms of difficulty in life with its strength and courage.

Today I discovered that I can call on the Angel of Darkness to hold my hand as I walk through tough times.  She assures me that it is appropriate to cry, to release my pain, and also to hold back the tears as needed.  She reminds me that love takes many forms, that pain is sometimes a teacher, that death is always hard but is also a friend and always a part of life. Finally she reminded me that love and light are always there to guide the way.  Be it in my faith, as a hug, a lit candle, a prayer or helping pay for a funeral, love is always present.

Thank you Angels of Death and Darkness, you shined some bright light on my life today!