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Find a way to your inner Cadence

I am always so grateful for all the people that I get to meet when I facilitate drum circles. Tonight I had the pleasure to lead a group of women in a drum circle. These women meet regularly once a month, twelve months of the year to chat and have face to face conversations. Some of the women have been meeting for over twenty-five years.

The conversation before, during and after the drumming flowed so easily for these women, and it was great to be able to bring the drum circle to them, an experience that none of them, but one, had had before! They really enjoyed the evening, and we got to talking about how important it is to have regular opportunities in life for rhythmical activities.
One lady shared that she found rhythm in running. She had been a runner for over fifty years, and described her experience beautifully. She said, sometimes when she would run she came to find a beautiful state of mind, what she called ‘her cadence’. She said sometimes it would take a few kilometers before it would happen, but then she would feel it.

I looked up the meaning of this word as I wanted to know what she was feeling and here is what I found:
1.Balanced, rhythmic flow, as of poetry or oratory.
2. The measure or beat of movement, as in dancing or marching.
3. Music: A progression of chords moving to a harmonic close, point of rest, or sense of resolution.

May we all find various activities in our lives that give us a sense of Cadence. I especially appreciate the third definition, when life feels chaotic or scattered it is so vitally important to find ways to feel whole and complete!

Drumming is a beautiful way to find Cadence for anyone looking for a rhythmical activity.

Article written by,
Jamie Gore


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Tom Baker Cancer Centre, FREE Arts Workshop

We are pleased to be offering a new 6 week drum circle program for breast cancer patients and survivors at the Foothills hospital.   Drum circles are a powerful way to distress, relax and connect.

“When I’m drumming I don’t think about all my worries and stresses regarding my cancer.
I just breathe, and let the vibration of the drums go right to my heart. ” 

This 6 week program will be a chance for many who have never heard of drumming as a therapeutic tool to experience the soothing effects of group drumming, drum massage and a heart beat drum meditation.

May 15 to June 26, 630pm – 830pm

South Tower Activity Room

South Tower – Foothills Medical Centre

3031 Hospital Dr. NW

For more information or to register for either workshop,

Please call: 403-698-8148

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The Healing Power of the DRUM!

Starting January 26 Circles of Rhythm will be offering monthly healing drum circles.  In a group format you will have the opportunity to experience an intensive drum massage, many different drum mediations and vibrational sound clearings.   You will learn to use the drum at home for your personal healing and spiritual practices.  Make it a regular committment for yourself.

Go to to register.


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Drumming with Seniors

Drumming is becoming a craze amongst seniors in Calgary, and all around Alberta!  Circles of Rhythm is offering drum experiences for seniors and the residence staff for stress relief, increasing happiness and life force energy!  Give Judy Atkinson a call to discuss your facility, for your staff and residents, people walk away feeling like they have just had a deep tissue massage or an hour meditation!  Peace, Energy, Community!