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Humble Pie ANYONE?

Humble pie anyone? Today I was to facilitate a very special group of people. All of these people’s lives have been touched by something in common. Cancer. The drumming today was the first of a six-week session for these survivors and their caregivers. I was on my way and pulling up to the site when I got a phone call. ‘Hello is this Jamie? Are you aware that there is drumming today at Wellspring?’ I reply with a yes. The volunteer proceeded to let me know that the program was to begin at 1:00 and it was now ten minutes past one. My understanding was that it was to run from 2-4pm!

Oh my goodness what has happened! My first reaction was to be upset. This is the fist time in the six years that I have been facilitating drum circles that I am late. As I was scrambling to get the drums inside, I really needed to stay calm and centered. This was not the time to be in a tizzy about being late. There were twenty people waiting patiently in the room for me. One of the participants had brought a drum and had stepped in to keep everyone entertained with a clapping rhythmical game. We got the drums in and everyone had a drum to play and I was in the center to commence. I started off this session in a way that would assist me to get centered. I encouraged everyone to focus on the breath. I immediately was able to let go of my judgement of myself for somehow dropping the ball with the start time and be fully present for the rest of the two hours. Life gave me the opportunity to LET GO and relax into the challenge. These people are facing a struggle of their life, and I have the gift of the drum circle to give to them. I could have spent the time wondering about where I went wrong, but instead I was able to come back to the present moment with the attention to one thing, my breath.

The rest of the session went incredibly smoothly and everyone had an amazing time, including myself. A participant shared with me that she had never experienced anything like this before. Her words were, This experience is more valuable than thousands of dollars of healing therapy.” What an amazing gift the drum circle is, for me and for these beautiful souls.

I took a few moments at the end of the session to sit in the room and feel the gratitude for the opportunity to bring this amazing tool of the drum circle to people, and to forgive myself for being late for the first time in six years. If life gives you the opportunity to judge yourself, take a deep breath and LET GO, and learn to be gentle with yourself.

If you or anyone you know is living with Cancer please follow this link to find out more about the amazing facility: Wellspring Calgary.

Today, I ate humble pie, and enjoyed it.
Written by Jamie Gore

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An Inspiring Cancer Story

Here is a remarkable healing story from a cancer patient who is now cancer free after 5 years.  I was so impressed with his journey and the role the Rhythm Cradle Drum Healing played in it. Take what you want and leave the rest.  I know for sure that there is a remarkable power present when caring compassionate individuals drum intentionally for healing into another.  Enjoy.

“Judy, you offered  healing drumming  to  me at a Wellspring Cancer Group prior  to  my  surgery  in  April  2010. I had  just  been diagnosed  with two  colorectal  malignant  tumours  larger  than  6  cm  in  size and  needed  surgery immediately.  Some  oncologist researchers  say  there is less  than an  18%  chance  of  living five years  with  this  condition.  You  and  the  other  people  at  the workshop  on  that  day  did  the Rhythm Cradle  drumming and  I  felt  it made  a  huge   difference in  my  mental/emotional  mind set as I prepared  for  cancer surgery.  You  mentioned  you  had  recently come  from  Africa  where  you  had  worked  with a  leading  medical  specialist  in  this area.  After  surgery  I did  not  need chemotherapy  or  radiation  as  suggested,  or  the  ostomy  I was  told  I would  need  for  a  year – and maybe  forever.  There was not a  single  cancer  cell  is  the  section  surrounding the  tumours  after  surgery (extremely  rare in  this situation).  Now  five years  after  I remain  cancer  free.  I  will  always  remember your help  with much gratitude  and  deep  appreciation.”

So, come drum on Friday nights as a regular healing practice in YOUR life!  We do the Rhythm Cradle that this gentleman mentions every week.  Also join a cancer group at Wellspring, it is an amazing center to help people living with cancer and their loved ones.