Message from the sand!

I noticed this morning when I was doing my walking meditation  on the
beach that with every step forward, a little bit of sand collected on
the top of my big toe, and was kicked forward landing rhythmically on
the sand just a little bit in front of me. I also noticed that what I
was leaving behind were cute steady footprints in the sand. This
sounds ridiculously simple but what it was for me is a metaphor for
being in the past, the present and the future all in the same moment.

So as my foot hit the ground I was in the present,  solidly here and
now.  And at the same moment I was leaving a trail of footprints
behind me, as a mark that my presence was noted in the sand. Then, as
I kicked the little bits of sand forward, I reached into the future,
not too far, but just enough to see that I was coming and that my
presence was moving forward.

A simple but beautiful metaphor during my beachwalk meditation to
share with our community this Friday.

Be in the present but keep an eye on the pas,t knowing that you have
made an impact. Also know that as you step forward in your life, the
future is just a little bit in front of you. Just as far as you can
kick the send naturally walking at gentle pace. This is as far ahead
is you need to plan or see when you’re living your life in the present
at a gentle steady pace moving forward.

Keep a steady rhythm especially in in these difficult times. Every day
get regular rest, exercise, eat well, drink fresh water, try to enjoy
and appreciate your work, meditate,  love your peeps, and play even
just a little every day.

And finally it was also interesting to note that the footprints I left
behind and the bits of sand I kicked forward were almost immediately
washed away by the waves. The impact I’ve made and will make in the
future are real for this moment but also temporary. Like the seasons,
a good meal or a beautiful sunny day, all things including my life
will eventually come to an end. So I’m left with the deep gratitude
for each step forward that I  have made so far, for the mistakes made
and the lessons learned. And I’m also looking forward with childlike
anticipation to what is yet to come.

I’m learning to live between the beats and notice the small but
special messages as they come by! How about you?IMG_2159