Planting Seeds

Story from a Drum Circle

On Saturday September 26th, the Springbank Hill Community Association had its first annual Cultural day. The clouds over the open field began to clear as we unloaded the drums and set up the chairs. By the time the circle was scheduled to begin the sky was blue!

One grandmother was standing proudly behind her two teen grandchildren. After two rounds of drumming she sat in a chair next to them. I noticed that her grand daughter did have a disability, and I kept on encouraging this girl and praising her engagement. After the third round of drumming, the grandmother was fully engaging as well!

WE had a great hour of drumming together and it was then time to pack up to leave. As I was about to get in the van to drive away, the grandmother and her two teen grandchildren approached me. ‘I want to say thank-you’ said the grandma, ‘If you can know one thing from today, it is that you have done something wonderful. My grand-daughter here believed that she can’t do anything. You showed her today, that she can indeed do something, so I thank-you.’

You never know what kind of impact you have in a person’s life. Sometimes you may interact with someone and have no idea how you have made their life a little better. This grandmother let me know how by simply encouraging and allowing, her grand daughter was able to feel successful.

If we all keep on planting seeds of kindness, care, support and joy wherever we go, some may actually grow to bear beautiful fruit in another person’s life.

Written by Jamie Gore