Three Powerful Life Philosophies!

Be Present to the NOW, and be Grateful for it ALL!

A young business woman and her dad hopped into the car for a hour and a half drive home. Five minutes into the druve she got a phone call.  “Sorry Dad, its a business call, do you mind if I take it? No problem, you go ahead”  

So she took the call and 1.5 hours later, just as she was pulling into her driveway the call ended.  “Wow, youre really a busy lady arent you!”  her Dad said and walked into his house.  She drove home.

That night Her Dad died.

There is nothing more she would love than to have that hour and a half back.  She concluded this experience with a new awareness,  and a day to day life philosophy which she now lives every day:

The most important person in your life?   The one who is right in front of you right now!

The most important moment of you life?   The one that is happening right now!

I would add to that the following:

Be grateful for it ALL, good, bad and ugly!

So, go out and enjoy each other, what you are doing, and if it is a painful, tough or hard moment, apply the AFLO, (another f-ing learning opportunity, excuse my french!) philiosphy to it and all will eventually be ok.

Namaste, Sawubona.  Judy