After Ecstasy, the Laundry!

One of Life’s simple Rhythms:

After Ecstasy, the Laundry…

Life is full of rhythms, up and down times, happy and sad, work and play…  This weekend was a funny but instructive experience that might be  helpful to share.

We had an amazing time on Friday Night at the weekly drum circle.  Over 100 people AGAIN, and there was a really beautiful vibe at the end, peaceful and playful, truly  loving and joyful!  I was so proud and honored to have been the creator of what has morphed into such a powerful and healing community event and small business

That said, the next day I had a call, email and text from the manage of the community hall where we hold the drum circles that there was a BIG patch of wax spilled on the carpet, and that it needed to be romoved ASAP, and certainly that weekend, before Monday morning.

I thought, “Oh man its the weekend, a lovely day and I am just about to go for a beautiful walk with a friend…”  But, I made a quick call, carved out an hour and whipped over there armed with my trusty iron and paper towels, and it was all cleaned up in no time.

So, what is the Life Rhythm involved here was this?

Get your ego out of the way and Clean up your messes!  

Here I am, the CEO & Founder of a highly successful business in Calgary, touching the hearts and souls of 1-200 people WEEKLY, and I have to clean up the carpet!  How many CEOS would have hired a cleaner,  had a staff memeber do it or just ignored hoping it would go away?  Maybe I “should have” done that, but I chose differently.

Cleaning up a mess, weather it be a physical one like in  this case, or an emotional mess in relationship,  a financial dept we need to address, or more globally, environmental, legal or social justice issues of all kinds is personal, and YOUR responsibility.  The smallest gesture of assistance to a person, or to even one of the many organizations who are working toward making this a better world can help.  It will not turn our global difficulties, or your life messes around overnight, but slowly thigs do get better.

One of the most important messes to clean up is our attitude. Holding HOPE and COMPASSION as core values, not giving up on our world, on yourself or each other is critical in these times of unrest, and uncertainty.

How many of us can honestly say that they have no messes to clean up?  Not many.  If you can go to bed at night knowing that you did your best to address what you could that day, and hold hope and compasison for yourself, others and our world, we will heal the scars and clean up the messes.

Clean up your messes, there will be more ecstasy coming your way!