Pura Vida, Pure Life!

Pura Vida!

I was just in Costa Rica on retreat for three weeks.  Walking down the beach the other day a woman was coming towards me with a surfboard under her arm and a friend at her side.  She was just beaming, and when they passed, and I overheard her say,

“Life is right there! “

She had just come out of the ocean, which was alive  with the perfect waves for her ability and style.

In Costa Rica one of rht favorite national happy expressions is  “Pura Vida”, or Pure Life.  When was the last time you said to yourself, “Wow, that was pure life!”  The sunset in this picture below was one for me today, and earlier in the day running into a  warm ocean, absorbing its refreshment after a 2 hour beach walk in  34 degree heat.

But,  you say, that’s easy when you are on a relaxing beach holiday.  I’m back in Calgary, its  30 below and I’m working my butt off, three kids to care for and no time to play.  Well, it’s true, and not true.  Did you notice the look on your child’s face as they greeted you when you came home from work.  Did you notice the pure blue sky today,  or the sparkle in the snow as  you walked from the parking lot to the grocery store today.?  There are moments of Pura Vida every day.  We just need to notice them.

I encourage you to take time and shift your
attitude and attention so that you can live a life with more joy.

See you in the Pura Vida Drum Circle this Friday!