Is this it?

Where is lasting happiness?  What you are here for?  Is this it?  Now what?

Circles of Rhythm offers two ongoing opportunities to address, reflect and ponder these perplexing quesitons.   The Friday Night Drum Circle and The Drum Lodge.


I notice these days in people a sense of emptiness, a longing for purpose, a void, or a treadmill-like meaninglessness to their lives. In these times we tend to look for happiness or satisfaction through our jobs, kids, relationships, cars, houses, promotions, degrees, accomplishments, worldliness, travel adventures,  fitness, our looks, diet etc.  All these are worthy pursuits, but they all end, change, come with a degree of happiness, but also with a never ending cycle of pain, loss and suffering.

I believe the deeper purpose for your life is three-fold.  And when you discover and live from these principles, your job, relationships, health, etc will flow with more ease and grace.  You will have pain without the suffering.

1. To be YOU, not me.  A daisy doesn’t want to be a rose, it just “BE’S” a daisy!  Discover and love your uniqueness.
2 To live each moment from your deepest goodness, from the greatest characteristics of being human, Love, Compassion, Peace, Gratitude, Forgivness and Joy.
3.  Discover that ultimately YOU ARE Love, Compassion, Peace, Gratitude, Forgivness and Joy!  So BE that!  Come from those characteristics every moment.

Every day ask yourself :  “In this moment am I coming from my true nature of being a loving forgiving compassionate human, for myself, others and the world?”   Live your life in a way that calls forth an expression of these aspects of who you really are!

This all takes courage,support and practice!  The drum circle is here to help!

Our unique drum circles are living breathing examples of these three principles.  Every week you have a chance to choose your instrument, and express yourself creatively with very little direction.  You can be YOU, and at the same time be immersed in a beautiful kind loving community.

You experience first-hand the kind of world/village we all long for.  One which is safe and welcoming, respectful of our differences, where people are accepted for who they are with no judgement, and where we create an experience of harmony and joy together.

No wonder people walk away feeling 100% better than when they walked in!

Every Friday Night, 7-9pm
Inglewood Community Hall
1740 24 ave se  Adults $15, Kids $5, Seniors $10

The DRUM LODGE is another experience of being immersed in the kind of world we all want to live in with the added benefit of the deep healing it offers. You have freedom and space to be YOU, and everone will experience drumming and being drummed.  Using native frame drums in three rounds this is modeled lossly after the traditional sweat lodge.  This is the perfect storm for reflection and self discovery, release and awakening.

Drums are provided, and we meet in silence.  Tea and cookies served afterwards in the lounge for conversation and sharing of your experience.

Saturday Feb 28, 7-9pm, more dates TBA
Samadhi Yoga Studio
485 8 st sw, $20 at the door