Don’t wait for Your Diagnosis!


Message of the Week : Don’t wait for your diagnosis!


I just got back from a month in Hawaii. I felt like that was pretty extravagant. I don’t take long vacations very often. But getting away in the winter to a warm green, safe, beautiful place for at least a month is something I have always dreamed of. Upon my arrival home, I spoke with a good friend who is 88 years old. She changed my mind about the thought that my trip was extravagant:
“I used to have a long bucket list of places I wanted to see, and things I wanted to do, but had no money to do any of it. Now I have lots of money, and lots of dreams, but I’m too sick to do any of it.”
She has serious and limiting health issues that limit her from taking advantage of the abundant financial position she is now blessed with.
“It’s not things I want, I can buy what ever I want, it is experiences I crave” she said.
So, rather than sitting in resentment over what she could not have, she encouraged me to do what I can to have what I want, to travel, explore, dance, sing or learn something new. To save my money and make of my life what I want as best I can, while I can.

So, I say to you, don’t let a diagnosis, an accident, illness or loss be your triggers. With some planning, support and tenacity you deserve, and can have, a full rich life now! Let life urge you on.


Hmmm, I think Ill go for 2 months next year!