Water & Love

Snow, Ice, Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, Icebergs…

Water takes on many forms that look completely different, but are still water.   LOVE takes on many forms as well, but is still LOVE.

I believe that the origin of all religions and conscious spiritual practices is LOVE.  Although sometimes hard to see, I believe that from Christianity, to Hinduism, Judaism, Bhudism, Janism, Anthroposophists, Spiritual Communities, Muslims, and Aboriginla spiritual traditions, all have the same origins, LOVE!

Water is like LOVE, it gets through no matter what the obstacle is.  Water made the Grand Canyon, it will cut through mountains, and disappear to resurface 100’s of miles away.   No matter what the obstacle,  water keeps moving, and never goes away.

LOVE also is constantly on the move.  In every breath, and every moment of our lives, whetherit be pleasant of painful, love is always present.  LOVE can turn an illness into compassion for those who suffer, a breakup into deeper understanding about forgiveness, a financial loss into self respect, and an accident into time to reflect and slow down.

Let the LOVE flow in your life, learn through the hard times and revel in the good.  Know that we are here simply to LOVE.

Namaste, Aloha, Sawubonna, Peace!