Use Drums not Drugs

“Use Drums not Drugs!”
Last week I drove to Cold Lake Alberta to lead a Drum Circle Facilitation Training program for 12 members of the 2nd floor, an organization that works with young girls to prevent the birth of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome babies.  Next week Im going back, this time to work with a school on the Cold Lake First Nations Reserve for National Addictions Awareness Week.
Alcohol and drugs numb the pain of life’s tragedies, but have devastating side effects.  Surprisingly, drums can do the same thing, without the nasty side effects.  When we drum together in a drum circle led by people who are full of compassion, kindness and playfulness, our bodies naturally release hormones that enhance our mood and heal our bodies.  Many drum circle participants have reported this effect to me, and in particular one youth who after a 30 minute drum circle said this on his way out, “Wow, I feel higher than I did from the drugs I used yesterday!”
Im not advocating disrespect for appropriate use of medication, but I know for sure that when drumming in community, with the right kind of leadership miracles happen. I have often said “Use drums not drugs” and that is one line that these amazing social workers and teachers in Cold Lake will now be using too.
I look forward to reporting back from my experience at the reserve school next week in Cold Lake.  Peace and Happy Drumming!2013-11-06 16.06.05