Rhythm Inspiration

32 metronomes starting out in disharmony, synchronize in 2.38 minutes!  It is amazing, but based on a scientific principle called ENTRAINMENT.
“Entrainment is the tendency of people and objects to synchronize to a dominant rhythm.   Entrainment provides us with an explanation of the greatest clarity as to how drumming may provide us with assistance for many of our maladies”  Robert Freidman, Psychotherapist, The Healing Power of the Drum
Come drum with us on Friday Nights and entrain with the rhythm of JOY, PEACE, HEALTH and HAPPINESS!  You will be amazed how differently you feel walking out of the Drum Circle, as compared to your mental, emotional and physical state walking in!
Inglewood Community Hall, 1740 24 ave se, 7-9pm EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT,  Drop-in fee $15 at the door, Kids $5,
Drums Provided, No Experience Needed!