Corporate BLISS

DSCN2633 - CopyDrumming in the outdoors is such a gift, and a LIFT!  This week Judy Atkinson met with a group or managers from a Land Services Company for a couple hours of BLISS in Calgary’s beautiful Princes Island Park.  It was sunny and fresh and people drummed, fast, slow, loud and soft, giving them all a chance to balance their inner and outer rhythms.  What they reported after the experience is a true break from the normal fast pace of corporate life, and they walked away with the message to take better care on themselves.

If they take that message from the drum to heart, and continue to do ongoing self-care, I believe that they will be of greater service to their employer, clients and co-workers.

Breathe deeply and enjoy this beautiful fall.  We are so blessed.  Call Judy Atkinson for a quote and to discuss your teams needs.  Drum Circles are a unique and profound tool for Culture Shift, and Well-being at work.