International Students Drummed up some Good Vibrations

How many activities exist in this world that people who all speak a different language can come together to share communication with little experience and walk away feeling connected and rejuvenated? Not many! The drum circle is a perfect space to do that.

The students at Mount Royal University really showed me that people are people no matter where you are born and what country you are raised in. Personalities rise up when we are drumming and shine through the way people drum.  Are you shy? Are you a leader? Do you like to stand out, or do you like to melt into the background?

The participants had the opportunity to come forward to listen in the center, and standing in the centre some felt the discomfort of being  ‘in the spotlight’. Drum circles are a great place to stretch yourself, see where your limits are and go a little further.

Circles of Rhythm has some new exciting ideas coming this fall. Stay tuned, you will not be disappointed. Whether it be drumming for your workplace, or a healing of your body mind and spirit, we offer a wide range of drumming circles to fit everyone’s requirements!

Enjoy these photos of some joyful international students. I may never see these people again, but we shared a super hour of rhythm making together!

Jamie Gore

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