Bringing up Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Summer goes by in a flash, and we all wish it would be sunny every day. But sometimes we get rainy days. As you make your way through your week you will come across some people that are incessantly complaining about the weather, if it is raining they wish it was sunny, if it is sunny then they wish it wasn’t so hot.

You can tell a lot about a person by how they approach even the simplest thing as the weather. It is something we have no power over whatsoever, but we spend so much time talking about it! One thing we do have power over is the weather on the INSIDE.  How is your weather today, could be a question we ask one another? Are you having a sunny day? Or is it kind of cloudy? Are you facing a tsunami, or even a tornado watch?  Life can hand you all sorts of little gifts to create a sunny environment inside, or maybe has life been handing you the cards that lead to a big old hail storm. Take Cover!  A special moment happens to a person when they realize, hey I can be happy in spite of what external factors are at play. You can create your own little weather pattern!  But what fun would life be without ups and downs and changes of season. If it was sunny all the time would we appreciate it or take it for granted? A friend of mine who lived in Costa Rica for a year said he was so happy to be back in Canada. He missed the contrast in our seasons and he actually missed winter. I don’t know if I am there yet….

I had the honor and privelage to drum once again with a group of beautiful souls that have their own little internal weather systems. They may have had trouble connecting in rhythmical patterns but that made no difference to them! It was pure joy to be able just to play with the drums for an hour for this group of campers at camp sunflower. Sunshine inside all around there!

Last Friday at our community drum circle at the beginning of the circle I noticed a lady who was playing a 22′ frame drum joyfully, but so loud and very off beat from the rest of the group. I showed her about the drum and how to play it, and she said “but I don’t want to play it that way!” then she said would you like me to leave? I was taken aback and I said, oh no mam don’t leave, understand there is no wrong playing in the drum circle. YOU matter here, but we all have to play with each other not against each other. We are all in the same song here. She played with a sad face exactly with the group for a while and time went by. When I came by her about twenty minutes later I noticed something in her shift. She had found a way to play her own way With not Against the group. It was great to see her on the break, she had an incredible time. She found her sunny inside!!!

As summer slooooowly passes (we hope) fall approaches and that is when our wellness programs for workplace drumming really ramp up. Ebs and Flows! If you have a workplace Circles of Rhythm has some exiting workplace programs for you that can be from one hour to one full day, contact us for details!

Get exited Judy will be the drum circle to see everyone this Friday. Jamie Gore