Heart Coherance on a Dumpster?

A Moment of Truth: 

Connecting with each other rhythmically from a loving compassionate place will shift not only your mood, but the state of happiness and connection for everyone in the immediate area!

This is a beautiful story that one of my facilitator trainees shared with me after working with a group of troubled teens.  ENJOY!

Hi Judy!
I had to tell you about my group the other day. We were using our heart coherence technique and one student was in a horrible head space. Of course it brought down the energy of the room. I finally gave up, grabbed drums and headed outside with the kids. I didn’t have enough drums for everyone so I had to play the giant Dumpster and my co-worker used her keys and played the metal stairs. We talked to the kids about everyone getting in the groove together is like having a coherent body and coherent environment. It was brilliant if I do say so myself! The learning from that continued into the next class and the kids marvelled at how great it feels to be coherent. We even got lots of positive feedback from listeners in the building. What fun!!

Side note- getting too excited when playing the Dumpster can be a little tough on the hands. Lol!
Hope all is well with you!

hands in circle