Bali Ho!

I just returned from a heart opening trip with my two beautiful daughters Stacy and Megan to Bali.  We went to a Yoga retreat and had many amazing healing eye and heart opening experiences while in thiS warm moist green environment.  I recommend a week yoga retreat to anyone!  We went to a retreat near UBUD called One World Retreats, ONEWORLD retreats . 

Entering 2013, I KNOW that drumming is a part of the evolution of the human spirit, opening us to each other and to our higher purposes here.  I look forward to offering Drumming as a part of other events and programs, and will be developing a Drum/Yoga/Meditaiotn program soon!  Blessings as you move into this exciting time on the planet.  Im so glad to be alive!

Things are definitely getting brighter now!

judy and gong

Bali, Indonesia 



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