Canadian Burn Conference, “Renewal of Spirit!”

Last week I had the great privilege of offering a closing synergy keynote session at the National bi-annual Canadian Burn Survivors Conference.  I was touched to my core by their courage, confidence, hope and belief in the power of community, health care professionals and Spirit to heal.  My hat is off to you all, blessings on your inspirational journey!

Their theme was Renewal of Spirit, and I can tell you that my spirit was renewed hearing their stories and also their tips for surviving tragedy and loss.  Here are three tips that one woman shared, who had lost most of the skin on the entire front of her body, and three children in a terrible gasoline truck accident.  They are what she uses to cope with going out into public wit her scars.   Amazingly smple but powerful for any of us who are feeling low, lost or our of hope:

1.  Smile

2.  Direct eye contact

3.  Great posture

WOW, how simple and empowering is that!

People from all across Canada were there.  Every one of  you are amazing Spirits, I honor you all!  Judy